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If I start a company ?

"No Salary" -  We share the earnings :)No fixed timings per day.No fixed number of days to work in a month :)Sat & Sunday IS NOT a holiday. U decide which days you work.We are not here to grow the company.. (No No No: we have to be 100 member stong in 1 month, 500 member in 5  months...  etc )We are not here to make money. (No No No: we are not going to be 100 m$ company in 6 months.. we are going to be 1b$ company in 5 yrs... etc)We are not here to get the company listed in the NASDAQ :)We create products that rock not products that ship Interview Process: 2 days - Family meeting. Interview @ home. Code in the computer . No theory questions...  STRICTLY :)Formulate Ideas - Implement them - Demo them :)


Outlook tips

To allow comma as address separator:Select/Enable Tools -> Options -> Preference Tab -> Email Options -> Advanced Email options -> Allow comma as address separator.