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Back to working in Bangalore

So, after 16 months of working in Microsoft, Hyderabad, I am back to Bangalore and looking forward to those lazy evenings again.Had a 11 days vacation before I quit Microsoft. That was quite sufficient break, so took just one day off before joining Intuit :). Have joined the Canada team as Senior Software Engineer. BTW, Office is at Outer Ring Road, just off the Sarjapur Road. Takes 45 mins by bike and an hour by cab. This is the farthest office place I have worked with but with the home pickup and drop cab facility and not bus, it should be okay.Looking forward to learning the financial domain and enhancing my favorite C++ skills (No more .NET... atleast for time being).

PH Marriage - Cochin Trip

We went to PH/Srijit marriage on 6th December via the kochivelli express. Train was at 5:15 and I just about managed to reach the platform at 5:10. Pad and his wife Shalini and Shreekanth were already there. John Loney just missed the train. Infact, that is a good story to write about. So as the train was about to leave, he entered the railway station. He just mentioned us to pull the chain if the train starts !!! ... We were all thinking he was joking but pad said.. nope he is serious and then he went and YES, pulled the chain in the next seat to make it to halt  !!! Some policemen came to check and seeing none they just left. Still there were no signs of Loney and the train started moving. by mistake he had gotten into wrong platform and was not able to come to the correct platform :(..  So he had to take a  bus to reach Cochin.We reached Ernakulam Junction at around 5:00 AM (Ernakulam South). There is a Ernakulam North station (now called as Ernakulam Town) though this train doesn&…

Treat for MS friends in Angeethi, Hyderabad

Ganayak, Uday, Ajeet, Abhi, Bheems, Atul, Ganapuram, Jaggi, KrishnaPriya and Bharti