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Link to cancel your AWS account/services

CommStor Tech

Wishing the company CommStor Tech all the best! FB and YouTube page looks good.

Download Java Dependent Jars using Maven

To add Java Sources and Javadocs to the maven repository (basically so that you can explore via Eclipse or other IDEs), please refer to:

Interesting internal URLs in Chrome

If you are using Chrome and love the feature where typing in few characters at the address bar completes the URL, have a look at chrome://predictors/ (Type it in address bar). Lists all the combinations that have been used and their frequency. Now you know why typing in f lists and not  One more interesting URL for chrome users: chrome://omnibox/
It lists out how your omnibox (address bar in other browsers) list out contents in the drop down as you type.
For e.g., just type india and press submit. It will list out options which it will show in the drop down when you actually type it out in omnibox. And it also shows category where it was fetched from (history/bookmarks/google search)