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Rohit CS Engagement

All the best CS and Deepa !!! R & D pair definitely rocks!!!Friends met: Rohita, Pramoda and Raghu and Hema. CS engagement

Bye Bye Sweet Hyd...

[Modified as I found out that lot of my colleagues check my blog too :(]So, after all the travel to-fro between Bangalore & Hyderabad... finally decided it's time to move back to Bangalore. Started the process by forwarding CV to friend's ...  G, Y, A were 3 companies I initially had as targets. G said they don't hv openings for my profile and didn't even offer an interview. Sigh!!! Surprising .. anyway. .... Y and A. .I had telephonic interviews. ..Data-Structures and puzzles round where I thought I did good enough but never got the call back. Cleared a startup company's interview - IS - but being a 5 member team currently, didn't want to take the risk of joining there. Then there were lots of companies which gave calls but once I told them my expected salary, they silently vanished :(Then Intuit happened. After 8 rounds of interviews. Yep.. 1 telephonic initially.. 3 when I was in Bangalore. ... 2 from US (telephonic).. after that I told them I wasn't…

Vanita's Wedding and Gadag-Lakhundi Temple visits

So I started my journey from Hyderabad in the KSRTC rajahamsa at around 8:45 PM. My neighbor in the bus was a person named Shivkumar who was from GajendraGad. He's a doctor and very boastful one in that :) and morever a non-stop chatterer. My neck and cheeks got tired by turning to him now and then, and smiling :)So reached Gadag and went to GR (Gadag Restaurant - Geethanjali Restaurant) and got ready. Shripad and his wife Shalini joined me at around 8:45. I allowed them to get ready and went out for a walk. Took some snaps of the Railway Station and some streets around and then returned to have breakfast. After breakfast, we 3 went to Trikooteshwar temple - very beautiful. The ancient Indian temples are always so marvelous. The temple has 3 lingas right next to each other. There's Saraswati temple too in the same complex. After that we went to Veera narayana swamy temple (Vishnu). The chatram was adjoining the temple. So we spent some time in the temple, walked around and the…

Windows Live ID available for registration!!!

Mailid - is not available for registration and since it opened up only yesterday, lots of first names @ live are available. So say ta ta, bye bye to all and get ... Hurry.'s going to get filled soon :)URL: and www.windowslive.comMain post @

Vanita's Engagement

Vanita with Vishwanath Pratap Singh on their Engagement - 28th OCT 2007. One noticeable thing in the Rajput engagement ceremony was that the bride was relatively free for most part of the ceremony happily chatting with we - her friends. Eagerly looking forward to watching the Rajput marriage ceremony for the first time on 21st Nov 2007 @ Gadag.Friends/MT minds met: Vanita (ofcourse she was present :)), PH, John Loney, ShreeX, Shripad and his wife (Shalini), Seetha's mom, Pakya, Vikas, Reshmi, Sudha-san, Archana and Anand, Shivu and his wife, Venu and his wife and finally Shobanadri Vezhu (my ex-manager) for the first time.

Got my MS Degree certificate.. Now I am a Post-Graduate :)

Considering the huge amount of around 48 hours spent on studying for the 3 semesters and around 100 hours investment in the project, lucky to get this one. 7.2 / 10 CGPA.. not that great.. .But good enough :-)Original post at