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Sireesha 1st Year Birthday Celebrations

Sireesha 1st Year Birthday invite

Created a simple tiny Android app

Started at around 11 PM and completed around 5 AM.

Weave - a new iPhone app from Intuit

Intuit has just released a product called weave for ios platforms called Weave (Nothing to do with Firefox sync app - weave).

Weave will ensure that you never forget a todo. Quickly enter todos wherever you are and get alerts when you have an upcoming todo.

Good things I found:
1. Nice UI
2. Has a good first use experience. Kind of demo mode with the help links showing how to proceed to the next step. Hovers over the screen and helps in clicking around.
3. Does many things :). Has money in - money out too.
4. No Android app - opportunity for us to create a better one? :)

1. requires a login before start
2. red theme - different from Intuit blue.
3. Projects - might not be so common word for general users and doesn't gel with the Todo's being created.
4. Does too many things :). Differs from Apple mantra - Do one thing and do it well. Money in - money out could have been a separate product.
5. No Android app