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Back to working in Bangalore

So, after 16 months of working in Microsoft, Hyderabad, I am back to Bangalore and looking forward to those lazy evenings again.Had a 11 days vacation before I quit Microsoft. That was quite sufficient break, so took just one day off before joining Intuit :). Have joined the Canada team as Senior Software Engineer. BTW, Office is at Outer Ring Road, just off the Sarjapur Road. Takes 45 mins by bike and an hour by cab. This is the farthest office place I have worked with but with the home pickup and drop cab facility and not bus, it should be okay.Looking forward to learning the financial domain and enhancing my favorite C++ skills (No more .NET... atleast for time being).

PH Marriage - Cochin Trip

We went to PH/Srijit marriage on 6th December via the kochivelli express. Train was at 5:15 and I just about managed to reach the platform at 5:10. Pad and his wife Shalini and Shreekanth were already there. John Loney just missed the train. Infact, that is a good story to write about. So as the train was about to leave, he entered the railway station. He just mentioned us to pull the chain if the train starts !!! ... We were all thinking he was joking but pad said.. nope he is serious and then he went and YES, pulled the chain in the next seat to make it to halt  !!! Some policemen came to check and seeing none they just left. Still there were no signs of Loney and the train started moving. by mistake he had gotten into wrong platform and was not able to come to the correct platform :(..  So he had to take a  bus to reach Cochin.We reached Ernakulam Junction at around 5:00 AM (Ernakulam South). There is a Ernakulam North station (now called as Ernakulam Town) though this train doesn&…

Treat for MS friends in Angeethi, Hyderabad

Ganayak, Uday, Ajeet, Abhi, Bheems, Atul, Ganapuram, Jaggi, KrishnaPriya and Bharti

Rohit CS Engagement

All the best CS and Deepa !!! R & D pair definitely rocks!!!Friends met: Rohita, Pramoda and Raghu and Hema. CS engagement

Bye Bye Sweet Hyd...

[Modified as I found out that lot of my colleagues check my blog too :(]So, after all the travel to-fro between Bangalore & Hyderabad... finally decided it's time to move back to Bangalore. Started the process by forwarding CV to friend's ...  G, Y, A were 3 companies I initially had as targets. G said they don't hv openings for my profile and didn't even offer an interview. Sigh!!! Surprising .. anyway. .... Y and A. .I had telephonic interviews. ..Data-Structures and puzzles round where I thought I did good enough but never got the call back. Cleared a startup company's interview - IS - but being a 5 member team currently, didn't want to take the risk of joining there. Then there were lots of companies which gave calls but once I told them my expected salary, they silently vanished :(Then Intuit happened. After 8 rounds of interviews. Yep.. 1 telephonic initially.. 3 when I was in Bangalore. ... 2 from US (telephonic).. after that I told them I wasn't…

Vanita's Wedding and Gadag-Lakhundi Temple visits

So I started my journey from Hyderabad in the KSRTC rajahamsa at around 8:45 PM. My neighbor in the bus was a person named Shivkumar who was from GajendraGad. He's a doctor and very boastful one in that :) and morever a non-stop chatterer. My neck and cheeks got tired by turning to him now and then, and smiling :)So reached Gadag and went to GR (Gadag Restaurant - Geethanjali Restaurant) and got ready. Shripad and his wife Shalini joined me at around 8:45. I allowed them to get ready and went out for a walk. Took some snaps of the Railway Station and some streets around and then returned to have breakfast. After breakfast, we 3 went to Trikooteshwar temple - very beautiful. The ancient Indian temples are always so marvelous. The temple has 3 lingas right next to each other. There's Saraswati temple too in the same complex. After that we went to Veera narayana swamy temple (Vishnu). The chatram was adjoining the temple. So we spent some time in the temple, walked around and the…

Windows Live ID available for registration!!!

Mailid - is not available for registration and since it opened up only yesterday, lots of first names @ live are available. So say ta ta, bye bye to all and get ... Hurry.'s going to get filled soon :)URL: and www.windowslive.comMain post @

Vanita's Engagement

Vanita with Vishwanath Pratap Singh on their Engagement - 28th OCT 2007. One noticeable thing in the Rajput engagement ceremony was that the bride was relatively free for most part of the ceremony happily chatting with we - her friends. Eagerly looking forward to watching the Rajput marriage ceremony for the first time on 21st Nov 2007 @ Gadag.Friends/MT minds met: Vanita (ofcourse she was present :)), PH, John Loney, ShreeX, Shripad and his wife (Shalini), Seetha's mom, Pakya, Vikas, Reshmi, Sudha-san, Archana and Anand, Shivu and his wife, Venu and his wife and finally Shobanadri Vezhu (my ex-manager) for the first time.

Got my MS Degree certificate.. Now I am a Post-Graduate :)

Considering the huge amount of around 48 hours spent on studying for the 3 semesters and around 100 hours investment in the project, lucky to get this one. 7.2 / 10 CGPA.. not that great.. .But good enough :-)Original post at

Blood Donation

Well.. For the first time in the history of mankind.. Chandra Mohan B.S donated blood !!! Well, I was always scared of Syringes and the needles... avoided doctors when I had fever right from childhood. .. So never dared to go myself to some blood camp and offer myself to be pricked by those needles. ... When Uday called me to accompany him when we were just going out for snacks... hhmm... my first reaction..let's finish the snacks and then you carry on... But later some golden lightning struck me... The RedCross poster read "Donate Blood.. Save Life"... So off I went and filled the form with full enthu.. . Was okayish when they checked the blood pressure. But as soon as I sat .. oops slept on the bed.. . got a tingy feeling which I can't describe. The attender or male nurse or whatever we can call him .. asked me "FIRST TIME"??? Then smiled and asked me to relax... Syringes never pains but it gives a stomach churning experience as the time passes and fillin…

Back to VLCC... Will Gym/Yoga follow?

So finally I think I am done with my deployment stuff and all.. (after 2 weeks of code complete.. but who cares :-))Today I went to VLCC again after a long gap of nearly 2 months and had a hair therapy. Should start the massage and other therapies soon... Back to the mould of putting in some thought about my body. Well a hectic work schedule and full night outs does hinder all your timepass activities but I am back to my old self :-).. Hopefully will have more time to play TT.. . Snookers.. .Foosball.. .basketball etc in office... And yah I should start going back to Gym and Yoga.. And chatting with friends hours together ....  just for timepass :-).. Well it's going to be hectic again.. But hectic in a way I can enjoy :)Happy days are here again !!! :-)

Happy Days

To describe in a sentence...: A great, feel good movie that would definitely remind you of your college days or atleast get you to think how it could have been :-)After all the stress of night outs in office, it was a welcome break. So the story starts off with 7 students entering the Engineering college for the first time... Though the initial pairing of 6 of them from Reel 1 looks superficial, this is real possibility :).. So they meet up... get ragged together and become close friends. Manyaata is the only one among the 8 students who has acted before (as heroine atleast). She looks great from scene 1. Then we have the jealous Seniors, the usual senior behind the junior gal (Manyaata) and how our hero saves her, the fights between the juniors and seniors, anxiety during the exam results and then moving on to the next year. After the interval, film gets little more serious with the quarrel between Manyaata and the hero and between the guys too. Lot of drama but watchable and interes…

Perl script to find unique file extensions in directory and all its subdirectories

I am totally new to Perl.. so this was fun writing: Invoke it with the directory you want to search for. #!/usr/bin/perl -w #Finds all the unique extensions in the current directory and its subdirectory(recursive).
#author: Chandra Mohan
use File::Basename; sub recurse($) {
  my($path) = @_;   ## append a trailing / if it's not there
  $path .= '/' if($path !~ /\/$/);   ## loop through the files contained in the directory
  for my $eachFile (glob($path.'*')) {     ## if the file is a directory
    if( -d $eachFile) {
      ## pass the directory to the routine ( recursion )
    } else {
      ## Find file's extension
   my(undef, undef, $ftype) = fileparse($eachFile,qr"\.[^.]*");
   ## Add extension to the global array.
   $filetypes[$i++] = toLower($ftype);
} # &toLower(string); --- convert string into lower case
sub toLower($) {
   local($string) = $_[0];
   $string =~ tr/A-Z/a-z/;
} #define Global variables

Simple C# function to find an executable being run in the path

public string FindInPath(string filenameToFind){string Path = System.Environment.GetEnvironmentVariable("PATH");string[] folders = Path.Split(new char[] {';'});foreach (string folder in folders){DirectoryInfo dirInfo = new DirectoryInfo(folder);if (dirInfo != null){FileInfo[] files = dirInfo.GetFiles();foreach (FileInfo file in files)if (file.Name.ToLower().Contains(filenameToFind))    return dirInfo.ToString();}}return string.Empty;}Main post is @

Worlds are not born, they are created

Check out: Everyscape "Beta" post is at:

Dravid left out of ODIs against PAK?

I am all for the young and jubilant teams and enjoyed the way the T20 team played. But to all fairness, I still believe the BIG 3 as Sachin, Sourav and Dravid are known, have still something to contribute and it's unfair to leave them thinking about forming a team for the world cup 3-4 years down the line. Dravid, I thought would have definitely made a huge impact on the uneven track of Mumbai - where the other leading batsmen failed. He definitely is one of the best No. 3 batsmen in the world currently and should be allowed sometime to get back into his groove. To get the context if you are unaware - here's the details from Cricinfo:
Rahul Dravid will miss the first two one-dayers against Pakistan Dravid missed out on the final one-dayer against Australia in Mumbai recently and there has been speculation about his spot being under threat. Dilip Vengsarkar, the chairman of the selection committee, said Dravid was "rested". "We decided to give him a break. He…

So what's tht with horoscope and astrology?

My mother had planned for some pooja and had to be in the temple for close to two hours listening to all the chantings... But the point of this blog is not that...  I had to get to know the exact time of birth and so opened up a old notebook containing my horoscope.. Found the time of birth to be 3:16 AM... Hhmmm.. Odd time .. whatever.. .then started reading the predictions of each year or set of years...  just to burst out laughing and asking my mother if we should read all these horoscopes.. So let me list out some of the predictions: Will pass B.A with medium classWill own a car at the age of 45 yearsWill not get a government job and hence will continue with businessNot that good at business but will assist father and be able to setup one more shopWill get married at 26 yrsLot's more but no point boring u guys with tht :)Maybe .. they are what it says ..predictions... :)

Suriya's got engaged.

Ex-MT mind Suriya got engaged recently. Nice to see the snaps.. All the best Suriya !!!

Congrats ArchanaP

First of all - Congrats !!! I think the decision about a one year break from work is a sound and good one :).. All the best.. & enjoy your time off !!!

Raghu down too... :)

So Raghu too got married... 2 Down.. 4 more to go :).. 3 are vying to be THE NEXT ONE. Let's see who among us is the next :)First of all, "Congrats Raghu and Hema"... Wish you a very very. . very. .. .. very ..... very happy married life.... So, 22nd and 23rd were the D days... It started off with we planning to goto BigBazaar for getting gift coupons and that came a dumb idea. BigBazaar coupons can be used only for food items etc & not electronic/mobile etc.. . So we/I had to goto Shopper's stop and buy gift vouchers from there. The function started with Varapooja. It was scheduled from 3 to 4:30 but I went there at exactly 4:30. Glad that I was able to make it and view the last part of the function. Rohit was already there and CS joined us in some time. We did go out for a walk .. then went to Rohit's room. Did some grooming for Raghu's coat (CS came up with the best rose that fits :)). Pramoda arrived soon after - we together had some nice tiffin :)The…

Software engineer's marriage invitation

I have seen lot's of forwards of Software Engineer's marriage invitations with all kinky programming language kinda text or with juggled up technical words.. Recently got one from my close friend and thought.. well this is a neat one. . All the information fitting in nicely in one template.. .Yeah.. I would have liked him to use Personalized Windows Live homepage rather than the fancier 'iGoogle' but I am not complaining :)So here's what the invite looks like:And the actual iGoogle page:

Kullu manali

ManaliWater RaftingPara GlidingSkiingSnow/IceKullu Manali – I stayed there for 2 and 1/2 days. 1st half day: Local sight seeings – 2 temples (Hadimba temple and Manu temple) & Market in Manali. Second day:  Rohtang pass and some “S” valley where you can do para gliding over the hills. 3rd Day: Kullu (We did Beas River rafting), played in the river and then headed to manikaran (Hot valley springs + Sikh temple) That was our itinerary. But I believe you can spend upto 7-9 days there. Contact Himachal Pradesh tourism for more details (we booked rooms thru them). ManikaranOriginal Post: Kullu manaliTechnorati tags: , , , , ,

Pad's wedding - Nice get-together

All the best Pad and Shalini!!! Ex-MT friends met:  Shripad, Shreekanth, Vanita, Ashwin, Archana, Seetha, PH, Shivu, Pakya, Loney....

Life in terms of .net :)

Was just having a fun conversation with friends.... . Thought this might be interesting, so posting it here :). Await for a revised non-chat based post on the same topic :D :) AG:read ma note – ‘Be Yourself, the original is always better than the copy’‎‎CM‎‎: From where did u copy. .. ‎‎AG:‎‎KJ‎‎:b original atul CM‎‎:Original is always better than copy buddy. .... Ur;'s is paradox ‎‎KJ: are we copied or original we are copied from human template anybody smelling? ‎‎CM‎‎:Yeah .. we are not copied! We are instantiated based on the template ‎‎KJ: so derived is better than copied ? ‎‎CM‎‎:Hhhmmm..... Good qns... Keep it coming. .   ‎‎KJ: or instance based on template is better than derived ‎‎AG‎:kathik == copy hain‎‎KJ: original > derived > templ instantiated > copied > twins original > derived > templ instantiated > imitation > copied ‎‎AG: moral of the storie ::  chandu and jayaraman pagal ho gayein ‎‎KJ‎‎:why am I eating the same way…

Trip to Srisailam & NagarjunaSagar

Well this was a totally un-planned trip.. Untypical of me.. But it just happened :)My roomie Ganesh and his mom were planning to go on a trip and since it was there sangha (caste) group going, I had no inclination to go. Had a treat (For being in a team that reached the soccer match finals in MS soccer fest) in Ohris Banjara and reached only at 12:00 MidNight. Suddenly Ganesh and aunty said I should join them and it would be fun. After the initial NO-NOs, I accepted. We got up at 5:15 and got ready. At 6:30 we reached Secunderabad (Manju theatre) and we started the bus journey from there. On the way we had to pick up people from Other parts of secunderabad,  RTC X roads, Tarnaka, LBNagar  etc. We watched the Arya movie (1st CD in the bus). Had food on the way. Then the old age people said they couldn't sit in the back and hence all bachelors/spinsters were made to go back :-)So the main Back benchers were Ganesh, Vinay, Sampath, Sameer, Sushma and I. We played Anthakshari and as u…

Trip to Mantralayam

So, we selected the package tour offered by AP tourism to Alampur, Mantralayam and Pillalamari. Trip was scheduled to start at 9:30, so we went to the baseerbagh office at 9:00. The "we" here stands for: Ganesh, Vinayak, Ganesh mom and I. Had tiffin there and waited and waited and waited :)... The bus came at 9:45 and left around 10:05. Bus stopped at 12:30 in some govt owned restaurant. Took some snaps and headed to Alampur (15 kms from Kurnool). We reached Alampur around 3:15. The temple town is good. it's situated right next to the Tungabhadra river and there is a high wall separating the village and the river. It has 9 Shiva linga temples and a jagadamba temple. The jagadamba temple is beautiful and newly renovated. The temple has an entrance fee (Sounds strange isn't it ? :)) and they use it for renovating other temples. About alampur, it looks like a remote village where people are mainly poor. There were literally hundreds of beggars following us everywhere w…

Checking out Google Analytics

If I start a company ?

"No Salary" -  We share the earnings :)No fixed timings per day.No fixed number of days to work in a month :)Sat & Sunday IS NOT a holiday. U decide which days you work.We are not here to grow the company.. (No No No: we have to be 100 member stong in 1 month, 500 member in 5  months...  etc )We are not here to make money. (No No No: we are not going to be 100 m$ company in 6 months.. we are going to be 1b$ company in 5 yrs... etc)We are not here to get the company listed in the NASDAQ :)We create products that rock not products that ship Interview Process: 2 days - Family meeting. Interview @ home. Code in the computer . No theory questions...  STRICTLY :)Formulate Ideas - Implement them - Demo them :)


Outlook tips

To allow comma as address separator:Select/Enable Tools -> Options -> Preference Tab -> Email Options -> Advanced Email options -> Allow comma as address separator.

.NET beginners guide

MSDN is the quick place to get started. For .NET framework C#,, I found this link very useful: I referred to: Professional CSharp 2005, WroxProfessional .NET Framework 2.0, WroxMicrosoft programming with Visual C#.NET step by step. Microsoft pressAll the best!!!

Begin learning Java

Recommended Books:The complete reference: Java 1.5Thinking in Java - U can download e-book from www.bruceeckel.comRecommended Sites: - Main page of Java website. - has good online tutorials.You can also visit and become a member. Start answering few questions and look for beginner problems faced.Also posted @

Guru - Movie Review

Guru... The latest movie of my favorite director - Maniratnam. Starring Abhisekh Bachchan and Aishwarya rai, the movie does look upto the initial expectations.My rating: **** (out of 5 stars)StoryLine: Movie starts promisingly with the young abhisekh getting permission to goto the turkish city of istanbul for pursuing his own job. Abhisekh grows up knowing the fine points of the business industry and when given a promotion flies back to India stating if they considered me good enough for a promotion, then I think I can setup my own business.Comes to india and meets the eloping Aishwarya {albeit unsuccessful} in the train. He agrees to marry a girl for 25k dowry and surprise its Aish. He moves to THE CITY in pursuit of his business and is dumbstruck on how to start with the corruption prevalent in the market. With the help of Mithun, a newspaper editor, he gets the corrupted official thrown out and starts his business. Sets up a Polyster factory and aims for petro products. All the whi…

Hi Raghu.. Welcome back to India

Well.. It was nice to talk to my best friend from college days... Nice to see him in India and enjoying the slums and traffic of bangalore :).. We have lots to talk :)

Hansika Motwani

For someone who starred as child artiste in numerous movies and serials, it has been a good debut as a heroine. She looks great in Desamuduru... But is she only 15 years old kid? Hhmmm.. Doesn't look so in the movie.. Surprising ...Here are some good links:

Desamuduru - Telugu movie review

Well the movie starts promisingly.. Traditional tollywood introduction of the hero with action scene, hero falling in first-sight-love with the heroine... the cute heroine who is not interested etc.... nothing great but just nice timepass with the first half. Its the second half that is disappointing. Hero trying to save his girl from their relatives... Lots of fights..actions.. and finally we know what happens. :) So the story goes like this: Hero who works in Maa tv, saves someone and is afraid that villains will hack him and his friends to death. so he goes to Kullu manali to shoot a travelogue. He sees Hansika (isn't she beautiful :)) and falls in love immediately only to come to know that she is a sanyasin.. sigh... then the story revolves under how he changes her heart and finally is about to get her to Hyd. Sigh. The villains kidnap her.. and the hero comes to know why she became a sanyasin. {Pity he didn't want to know the reasons before that}. He comes back to Hyd wi…

Live search?

I was surprised that one of my close friends who has been in the software field for more than 5 years had not heard about live search. I truly believe Live is a very good competitor for Google and will have its own space very soon. Visit to start searching. Obviously it doesn't give as many results as in Google search for most queries and might turn up some irrelevant results. But then its still in beta :) and will be improved. The best thing I like about the Live search is that you can give the priority/settings in which to display the results. For eg, you have the freshness index. If you have searched for a person and want to find his recent entries, you can just goto the advanced tab, change freshness to 100 and query. Recently updated links will appear higher.. Isn't that cool ? Will update with all the cool features of Live search later but this should get you started. Cheers,Chandra