Happy Days

Happy Days







To describe in a sentence...: A great, feel good movie that would definitely remind you of your college days or atleast get you to think how it could have been :-)

After all the stress of night outs in office, it was a welcome break.

So the story starts off with 7 students entering the Engineering college for the first time... Though the initial pairing of 6 of them from Reel 1 looks superficial, this is real possibility :).. So they meet up... get ragged together and become close friends. Manyaata is the only one among the 8 students who has acted before (as heroine atleast). She looks great from scene 1.

Then we have the jealous Seniors, the usual senior behind the junior gal (Manyaata) and how our hero saves her, the fights between the juniors and seniors, anxiety during the exam results and then moving on to the next year. After the interval, film gets little more serious with the quarrel between Manyaata and the hero and between the guys too. Lot of drama but watchable and interesting at the same time. Kamileni mukherjee surprisingly adds the Glamour quotient :)

Songs are melodious and one should give a earful to the lyrics. They are really good.

All in all, though comedy is the highlight of the movie, the slick narration and no boring moments make this movie a great one to watch. Enjoy the movie in theaters. You will definitely appreciate the people acknowledging the actors performance :-)

Happy days - gets a 5/5 rating from me.