So what's tht with horoscope and astrology?

My mother had planned for some pooja and had to be in the temple for close to two hours listening to all the chantings... But the point of this blog is not that...  I had to get to know the exact time of birth and so opened up a old notebook containing my horoscope.. Found the time of birth to be 3:16 AM... Hhmmm.. Odd time .. whatever.. .then started reading the predictions of each year or set of years...  just to burst out laughing and asking my mother if we should read all these horoscopes..

So let me list out some of the predictions:

  1. Will pass B.A with medium class
  2. Will own a car at the age of 45 years
  3. Will not get a government job and hence will continue with business
  4. Not that good at business but will assist father and be able to setup one more shop
  5. Will get married at 26 yrs
  6. Lot's more but no point boring u guys with tht :)

Maybe .. they are what it says ..predictions... :)