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Third patent approved for filing

"And I am banking heavily on a 3rd one." - almost comes true. Though that particular application got rejected, got another one which was a spin-off of that idea approved ! ... Feels good to get so many ideas going to next level !

Cool links to check (4) - All about patents§ion=1 has a very good description about patents and it's processes.For patents search you can use - Google patent search

Second patent approved for filing

Okay.. .so "hope this will be the first of many" comes true ! ... Second one of my patent draft is approved for filing in US. And I am banking heavily on a 3rd one. - I had discussions with our vertical head as well as the Global business head. Let's see how things go on...

Cool links to check (3) - For Indian Startups profiles and reviews Indian technology startups; and is at the center stage of events that are shaping India 2 .0. Has some interesting insights.

Cool links to check 2 - Info about Intuit 25 years !

Nice to know that Intuit is going green in true sense and instead of paper filing for "GreatPlacesToWorkFor", intuit employees created this website to articulate all the details:

Cool Links to Check 1 - Cool way to learn technical stuff like the idea of these guys from CommonCraft: Paid versions and Free versions available.