Tips to go about debugging huge products

So it's been around 3 yrs since I worked on a maintenance product trying to understand the existing codebase, layers, architecture etc. It's always easy to start on V1 products I had worked for in MT or the "Prototype" projects in MS.

And now to work on a product with millions of lines of code with as little documentation available as possible & to complete it in next 3 months, it's going to be a tough task

Here are some tips to go about it -

  • Understand the usage of the product. Typical way is to behave as a customer and use the product without caring about the testcases.
  • Learn the technology (Guys.. can u point me to a good & quick COM tutorial :-))
  • If you can figure out the high level modules, try to understand the gist of the modules.
  • If you can debug the product source code, put in breakpoints, view the stacktrace (big thanks to the guy who thought about adding that to debuggers).. and walkthrough the layers.
  • Rational Rose and various tools available to Reverse Engineer the code. It helps in atleast figuring out the high level structure of the code.

Office Travel - How should I go about it?


With my usual 2+ hours of traveling to and fro from Home to Office, I am just lost of ideas to do in the cab. (BTW: Yesterday, had a very colorful day - It took 2 hours just for one way.. . Had a glimpse of whole of the west Bangalore I think)

Checked with friends and could only come up with the routine ideas:

  • Reading newspapers
  • Reading Novels
  • Chatting with co-occupants
  • Chatting on mobile
  • Internet browsing on mobile
  • Sleeping
  • Travel early to Office and back early / Travel late to office and back late night.

I like the last one the best but it depends on the fellow cabmate. So far, I was reading the Inside Intuit book and it was a good read. Reading newspaper or Internet browsing is not exactly comfortable in the cab (that will also take away my most spent activity in office... :-))

Ideas most welcome & will be suitably rewarded !!!

Kavi's Engagement



All the best Kavi n Prashant.

Engagement of my sis did get on well... Though it was intended to be a close family occasion, lots of relatives did turn up (More than expected :) and frantically had to arrange for last minute additions to thambula etc.)

Marriage is planned on Jun 8th and 9th. Awaiting the day to run around again :-)

Date: 10th Feb 2008

Location: Roti Ghar, Gandhi bazaar, Bangalore...

Cutest Dancer on Earth!!!

Location: Ammi's Marriage - Country Club, ORR, Bellandur, Bangalore

Date: 11-Feb-08