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Tips to go about debugging huge products

So it's been around 3 yrs since I worked on a maintenance product trying to understand the existing codebase, layers, architecture etc. It's always easy to start on V1 products I had worked for in MT or the "Prototype" projects in MS. And now to work on a product with millions of lines of code with as little documentation available as possible & to complete it in next 3 months, it's going to be a tough taskHere are some tips to go about it - Understand the usage of the product. Typical way is to behave as a customer and use the product without caring about the testcases.Learn the technology (Guys.. can u point me to a good & quick COM tutorial :-))If you can figure out the high level modules, try to understand the gist of the modules.If you can debug the product source code, put in breakpoints, view the stacktrace (big thanks to the guy who thought about adding that to debuggers).. and walkthrough the layers. Rational Rose and various tools available to R…

Office Travel - How should I go about it?

With my usual 2+ hours of traveling to and fro from Home to Office, I am just lost of ideas to do in the cab. (BTW: Yesterday, had a very colorful day - It took 2 hours just for one way.. . Had a glimpse of whole of the west Bangalore I think) Checked with friends and could only come up with the routine ideas: Reading newspapers Reading Novels Chatting with co-occupants Chatting on mobile Internet browsing on mobile Sleeping Travel early to Office and back early / Travel late to office and back late night. I like the last one the best but it depends on the fellow cabmate. So far, I was reading the Inside Intuit book and it was a good read. Reading newspaper or Internet browsing is not exactly comfortable in the cab (that will also take away my most spent activity in office... :-))Ideas most welcome & will be suitably rewarded !!!

Kavi's Engagement

All the best Kavi n Prashant. Engagement of my sis did get on well... Though it was intended to be a close family occasion, lots of relatives did turn up (More than expected :) and frantically had to arrange for last minute additions to thambula etc.)Marriage is planned on Jun 8th and 9th. Awaiting the day to run around again :-)Date: 10th Feb 2008Location: Roti Ghar, Gandhi bazaar, Bangalore...

Cutest Dancer on Earth!!!

Location: Ammi's Marriage - Country Club, ORR, Bellandur, BangaloreDate: 11-Feb-08 Cutest Dancer on Earth!