Android development – a beginner’s perspective!



Start from here: has all the details.

Win 7 – Few useful tricks

  1. Right most spot on the taskbar is the equivalent of “Show desktop shortcut in quick launch”
  2. Win + 1 to 9 can be used to open the application ordered by the entry in the taskbar. Multiple windows of the same application? Then the hover gets displayed.
  3. Shift + Right Click on folder gives “open with command prompt” option.
  4. press the shift key and the icon in task bar to launch one more instance of the application.
  5. Alternatives for Alt-Tab; most of us are familiar with the WIN+ tab – This displays 3D tab feature. You can also use WIN + T to display the hover windows in the taskbar.

Technology Shift

After nearly 9 years of being involved in desktop software development, am finally thinking of shifting to the online/mobile space. Attended a 2 week JavaEE course and planning to start learning developing on Android platform. Hopefully can shift to that domain soon.

Java EE course was good but felt I learnt the syntax and “how to do” part but not the why part. Am looking for some suggestions on learning projects for JavaEE, so if you have some cool suggestions, drop it in :)