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My Wedding Snaps!

Mauritius Trip Snaps!

September 16th to September 23rd 2008. Blog about the trip below!Pictures from:

Trip to Srirangapatna

Went to Ghatti Subramanya temple on Saturday and was just discussing on what to do on my birthday. Pallavi suggested I take leave and plan for an outing and my first choice was Srirangapatna as we could cover the place driving in my bike. Sunday, we planned to leave at 6:00, but got up only at 7:15 and managed to leave house at 8:26. We had to take the DIO as my bike had some problems. We stopped for breakfast at Kamat Lokaruchi and after an heavy breakfast and some shopping there, started on a non-stop cruise to Srirangapatna. Pallavi was excited to drive the vehicle from Maddur and did a 50km drive herself. I just closed my eyes and was in praying mode :-). We headed to the picturesque Sriranganatha Swamy temple and after the darshan headed to the Obelisk. This is the place where the war between Tipu's army and the Britishers fought and a memorial dedicating all the killed/injured soldiers. We had a great view of the Cauvery river bank from there. After viewing the dungeon, Tipu…