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Lovely place with Lovely people and a lovely atmosphere!Was planning to book a trip for Mauritius since my engagement days but with Pallavi not having a passport, it got delayed. Finally booked a 7 day package from MakeMyTrip. Since the trip date was very close, it worked out little expensive than expected. It included 3 days of sightseeing by seaside holidays, hotel accommodations and the airport transfers. Anyway, we flew from Bangalore at 3:30 AM on Tuesday, landed up in Chennai at 4:30 and after an hour of walking around the airport, started again... reached Mauritius airport at around 10:30 AM local time (12:00 PM IST). The flights were spacious and had a TV Screen for each seat like in Singapore airlines. Food was Okay. A guide there showed us to the Van which would take us to the hotel. It was an hour's drive and mostly went through the interiors of Mauritius. FlicEnFlac where our resort was located was very scenic and worth all the praise it gets :).. The true white sand …

My Marriage

Finally, it happened.. For those of who still don't know, I got married to Pallavi on 11th Sep. The marriage function started a week before the actual date. Friday was "Lagnam Kattuvudu", Monday "Devatha kaaryam", Wednesday "Vara Pooja" followed by the Reception, Thursday - Actual marriage, Friday..Sunday. .I don't even remember the names of those functions :)... After endless number of never-ending functions and poojas, finally last week was time for rest. ; :-)It was good to see lots and lots of relatives, friends, colleagues, ex-teachers all come over from far places to grace the occasion. Ofcourse missed some of them who were not able to make it.  Details about the event posted at: kaaryam Snaps: