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Office worker Ribbons for computer users

Surprised with the number of people fascinated by the ribbons they get on online social games on FaceBook like Farmville, zoowold, cafe world, etc., I was wondering why we couldn’t use the same and give ribbons for most effective users of the pc/laptop.

For a software engineering team, we could decide ribbons for people who spend more time on visual studio or eclipse or any other development tool they work on {Ribbon: Workaholic}. They get bonus ribbons for surfing websites like msdn/ {You are a technical help seeker}, if they contribute articles on web {Techno sharer ribbon} etc.

Wouldn’t this be interesting to share not only colleagues but also to all your friends on the social networking site?

Business Idea: Outsourcing Farmville, café world e.t.c.,

Read that the FaceBook app Farmville has more users than the “in-thing” twitter. It’s a good time-pass activity but I think it’s the competitive spirit that drives it rather than the interest on the art of farming – plowing/ buying seeds/harvesting.
Even with the vehicles like Tractor, Seeder and Harvester, it’s really tedious to harvest plants, plow the land and again put seeds. There are lot of cheat sites, tricks for Farmville which suggest plant different kind of plants with different harvest times so that you won’t get bored :)… Same applies for the different dishes in café world.
Well, one easy solution is to outsource it! I am sure there are tons of people who would be willing to pay a small amount for their farms to be harvested before they get withered, when they are having a good sound sleep. Read that one of my senior colleague was doing the farming as her son had to go on a school trip and he didn’t want his crops to be withered out. I am sure she or for that matter anyon…

Bing homepage – Get info on the image

If you have a habit of checking the homepage everyday and clicking on the 4 links on the homepage to get to know more info, then do check the copyright of the image.. It clearly mentions what it is about :)