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BITians get-together

Raghu was back from Boston for a 2 week vacation and we finally met today in Gopalan mall (closer to Raghu's house... as the USian has lost touch with driving in India and doesn't want to touch his bike/car :) )... So raghu, his wife hema and son agasthya, Rohit and his wife shubha, Pramoda, Myself and Pallavi met around 3:30. Just went to the Food Court and chatted and chatted non-stop for more than a couple of hours. It was great to meet raghu after nearly 1 and 1/2 years and others after a long gap. Forgot to get a camera but shot some snaps from mobile:

RCB - what a turnaround !

Would have been great to see them lift the DLF IPL cup... but to be the runner's up from a position mid way through the tournament where they were thought to be below or equal to last year's position is a great turnaround. Congats RCB.. We are proud of your performance !

Treat to UTM-IDC Team @ Jalsa

Finally after all the hectic work in the last 2 months, UTM team reached code complete. To celebrate it, I thought as a team we could go out for lunch. After discussing on various restaurants like - civet, bhagini, lemon grass, village, aadi, we finally chose Jalsa (recommended by Amit). So the whole UTM team - Mayur, Ramesh, pasha, Guru, Amar, Pratyash, Saravanan, Rajendra & I (excluding Nikhat) and Amit & Anand set off around 12:50 in Amit and Anand's cars. Vishnu joined us for desserts. None of us had taken a camera, so attaching the snaps from mobile below:Jalsa in on Outer ring road between Marathalli and KR Puram. Nice place with good ambience. Food was tasty too with good quantity per item. Nice place to go out on weekends but little on the costlier side.

Harry's marriage

Had been to Pallavi's cousin's marriage on May 2nd (reception in the evening) - 3rd morning (marriage) in dodballapur... Some snaps of the same: