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Begin learning Java

Recommended Books:The complete reference: Java 1.5Thinking in Java - U can download e-book from www.bruceeckel.comRecommended Sites: - Main page of Java website. - has good online tutorials.You can also visit and become a member. Start answering few questions and look for beginner problems faced.Also posted @

Guru - Movie Review

Guru... The latest movie of my favorite director - Maniratnam. Starring Abhisekh Bachchan and Aishwarya rai, the movie does look upto the initial expectations.My rating: **** (out of 5 stars)StoryLine: Movie starts promisingly with the young abhisekh getting permission to goto the turkish city of istanbul for pursuing his own job. Abhisekh grows up knowing the fine points of the business industry and when given a promotion flies back to India stating if they considered me good enough for a promotion, then I think I can setup my own business.Comes to india and meets the eloping Aishwarya {albeit unsuccessful} in the train. He agrees to marry a girl for 25k dowry and surprise its Aish. He moves to THE CITY in pursuit of his business and is dumbstruck on how to start with the corruption prevalent in the market. With the help of Mithun, a newspaper editor, he gets the corrupted official thrown out and starts his business. Sets up a Polyster factory and aims for petro products. All the whi…

Hi Raghu.. Welcome back to India

Well.. It was nice to talk to my best friend from college days... Nice to see him in India and enjoying the slums and traffic of bangalore :).. We have lots to talk :)

Hansika Motwani

For someone who starred as child artiste in numerous movies and serials, it has been a good debut as a heroine. She looks great in Desamuduru... But is she only 15 years old kid? Hhmmm.. Doesn't look so in the movie.. Surprising ...Here are some good links:

Desamuduru - Telugu movie review

Well the movie starts promisingly.. Traditional tollywood introduction of the hero with action scene, hero falling in first-sight-love with the heroine... the cute heroine who is not interested etc.... nothing great but just nice timepass with the first half. Its the second half that is disappointing. Hero trying to save his girl from their relatives... Lots of fights..actions.. and finally we know what happens. :) So the story goes like this: Hero who works in Maa tv, saves someone and is afraid that villains will hack him and his friends to death. so he goes to Kullu manali to shoot a travelogue. He sees Hansika (isn't she beautiful :)) and falls in love immediately only to come to know that she is a sanyasin.. sigh... then the story revolves under how he changes her heart and finally is about to get her to Hyd. Sigh. The villains kidnap her.. and the hero comes to know why she became a sanyasin. {Pity he didn't want to know the reasons before that}. He comes back to Hyd wi…

Live search?

I was surprised that one of my close friends who has been in the software field for more than 5 years had not heard about live search. I truly believe Live is a very good competitor for Google and will have its own space very soon. Visit to start searching. Obviously it doesn't give as many results as in Google search for most queries and might turn up some irrelevant results. But then its still in beta :) and will be improved. The best thing I like about the Live search is that you can give the priority/settings in which to display the results. For eg, you have the freshness index. If you have searched for a person and want to find his recent entries, you can just goto the advanced tab, change freshness to 100 and query. Recently updated links will appear higher.. Isn't that cool ? Will update with all the cool features of Live search later but this should get you started. Cheers,Chandra