Getting Blogger Address

Frustrating! Getting a blog address in #blogspot seems to be real tough. Though there are no sites like or - It throws non-available. I understand might be reserved but why the others?

Android development – a beginner’s perspective!

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Start from here: has all the details.

Technical sites that I Like

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I typically start office time with browsing my office mails followed by gmail and live mails. This is now invariably followed by 30 mins of browsing technical sites and I have kind of grown addictive to these:

Regularly visit:

Few other sites I visit occasionally:

Few more which I rarely visit:

Trying to avoid mention of FaceBook, Orkut and Twitter where I spend considerable time too :)

Different Personal and Professional news streams for Facebook?

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In FaceBook

  • You share a lot of technical stuff …. links relating to the work you do, company info, competitors products info etc etc….
  • Then there is the personal front – snaps. ..outings.. .your philosophical notes, ramblings etc etc ….

Two different streams or a classification of the news stream would be a good way to get the relevant information displayed to the correct audience of your co-workers/family/friends :).. Hope FaceBook implements it soon!

Win 7 – Few useful tricks

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  1. Right most spot on the taskbar is the equivalent of “Show desktop shortcut in quick launch”
  2. Win + 1 to 9 can be used to open the application ordered by the entry in the taskbar. Multiple windows of the same application? Then the hover gets displayed.
  3. Shift + Right Click on folder gives “open with command prompt” option.
  4. press the shift key and the icon in task bar to launch one more instance of the application.
  5. Alternatives for Alt-Tab; most of us are familiar with the WIN+ tab – This displays 3D tab feature. You can also use WIN + T to display the hover windows in the taskbar.

Other links:

Simplified version from:

Another good one:

Technology Shift – My career change

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After nearly 9 years of being involved in desktop software development, am finally thinking of shifting to the online/mobile space. Attended a 2 week JavaEE course and planning to start learning developing on Android platform. Hopefully can shift to that domain soon.

Java EE course was good but felt I learnt the syntax and “how to do” part but not the why part. Am looking for some suggestions on learning projects for JavaEE, so if you have some cool suggestions, drop it in :)

Office worker Ribbons for computer users

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Surprised with the number of people fascinated by the ribbons they get on online social games on FaceBook like Farmville, zoowold, cafe world, etc., I was wondering why we couldn’t use the same and give ribbons for most effective users of the pc/laptop.

For a software engineering team, we could decide ribbons for people who spend more time on visual studio or eclipse or any other development tool they work on {Ribbon: Workaholic}. They get bonus ribbons for surfing websites like msdn/ {You are a technical help seeker}, if they contribute articles on web {Techno sharer ribbon} etc.

Wouldn’t this be interesting to share not only colleagues but also to all your friends on the social networking site?

Business Idea: Outsourcing Farmville, café world e.t.c.,

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Read that the FaceBook app Farmville has more users than the “in-thing” twitter. It’s a good time-pass activity but I think it’s the competitive spirit that drives it rather than the interest on the art of farming – plowing/ buying seeds/harvesting.

Even with the vehicles like Tractor, Seeder and Harvester, it’s really tedious to harvest plants, plow the land and again put seeds. There are lot of cheat sites, tricks for Farmville which suggest plant different kind of plants with different harvest times so that you won’t get bored :)… Same applies for the different dishes in café world.

Well, one easy solution is to outsource it! I am sure there are tons of people who would be willing to pay a small amount for their farms to be harvested before they get withered, when they are having a good sound sleep. Read that one of my senior colleague was doing the farming as her son had to go on a school trip and he didn’t want his crops to be withered out. I am sure she or for that matter anyone who is going out on trip or busy for few days won’t mind shelling out bucks for this :)

What do you guys think?

My new domain –

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Registered domain – from Got a offer right now for 1.07$.. Actual is 9.99$ per year. But it means next year onwards I have to pay 9.99$ if I have to keep it :(

Just redirecting my blog ( to this for now… Blogger allows custom domain. Details on how to do that can be found here. If you are stuck, just leave a comment and I can guide you :-)

Patents - how do I find out how it works! or what is patentable?

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Nope... I am not talking about "How patents works?"  google search or in

Some people tend to not like software patents as it kind of restricts the features being used widespread. Mostly OpenSource minds tend to believe nothing should be patentable and any new idea/tech should be reusable. Though makes sense, in this cut-throat competition world, don't see that as a possibility.

Now coming to the actual questions - I am still figuring how things work in the patent world. I see some cool ideas not getting patented or then some "not-so-cool" ideas getting patented and lying with no-one using them. Should all patents be productizable? Not definitely. Swype as a product - not sure if it will definitely catch on, but atleast with the patent, it knows there cannot be 100s of imitations of that in the market or a larger organisation adding it into their product and not paying any royalty to the actual idea generators.

Some companies just file patents to get richer by filing lawsuits against larger corporates who might be using the some rudimentary ideas which have now been granted to them.

There are both pros and cons... but given a chance, I believe people should get their ideas patented if applicable.. ..

Swype - real cool innovation?

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Looking at the great comments - fast, hypnotical, magical, blindingly fast, love this... thought it's worth checking it out.


It's a cool invention and using it might help in quick typing, but it does have it's nemesis'. It's not 100% accurate as typing (if you type correctly) as it uses some kind of data matching with it's dictionary to find the words as you swipe across the panel. Not sure you can enter Abbreviations and some code names using this mechanism. A great invention but with not that impressive dependency.

Google Trends - new popularity analysis tool?

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Happened to come across couple of posts that talked about Google Trends and how they can be utilized to check the popularity of few things:

On the Web, If You're Not Growing, You're DyingBollywood Actresses: Who's Google Hot and Who's Google Not?

Interesting to see how the popularity of actresses on the web really indicates the career graph... movie hits.. some big gossips about them.... some changes in their personal life has really kicked a new interest in finding about their profile :)

I did the same with Intuit and surprisingly found Canada providing more web traffic to intuit searches than US. Popularity seems to have decreased but time to get back to the old ways :).. Also happy to find India being a great traffic provider :-)

Quicken, QuickBooks, TurboTax are interesting to check too... Check all together in this link!

Tips to go about debugging huge products

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So it's been around 3 yrs since I worked on a maintenance product trying to understand the existing codebase, layers, architecture etc. It's always easy to start on V1 products I had worked for in MT or the "Prototype" projects in MS.

And now to work on a product with millions of lines of code with as little documentation available as possible & to complete it in next 3 months, it's going to be a tough task

Here are some tips to go about it -

  • Understand the usage of the product. Typical way is to behave as a customer and use the product without caring about the testcases.
  • Learn the technology (Guys.. can u point me to a good & quick COM tutorial :-))
  • If you can figure out the high level modules, try to understand the gist of the modules.
  • If you can debug the product source code, put in breakpoints, view the stacktrace (big thanks to the guy who thought about adding that to debuggers).. and walkthrough the layers.
  • Rational Rose and various tools available to Reverse Engineer the code. It helps in atleast figuring out the high level structure of the code.

Timed Shutdown...

Original post @ 3/20/2008 11:52:00 AM

Do you listen to music before dozing off in ur bed? Do u leave Laptops On and realize u failed to switch it off before dozing off?

Here is a simple dos command to set off the shutdown/log/restart of your PCs.

Run Cmd. To shutdown after an hour (60 * 60 = 3600 secs), use Shutdown -s -t 3600.

To abort/change a shutdown at any time, do a shutdown -a

Perl script to find unique file extensions in directory and all its subdirectories

original post @ @ 10/30/2007 12:46:00 PM

I am totally new to Perl.. so this was fun writing:

Invoke it with the directory you want to search for.

#!/usr/bin/perl -w

#Finds all the unique extensions in the current directory and its subdirectory(recursive).
#author: Chandra Mohan
use File::Basename;

sub recurse($) {
  my($path) = @_;

  ## append a trailing / if it's not there
  $path .= '/' if($path !~ /\/$/);

  ## loop through the files contained in the directory
  for my $eachFile (glob($path.'*')) {

    ## if the file is a directory
    if( -d $eachFile) {
      ## pass the directory to the routine ( recursion )
    } else {
      ## Find file's extension
   my(undef, undef, $ftype) = fileparse($eachFile,qr"\.[^.]*");
   ## Add extension to the global array.
   $filetypes[$i++] = toLower($ftype);

# &toLower(string); --- convert string into lower case
sub toLower($) {
   local($string) = $_[0];
   $string =~ tr/A-Z/a-z/;

#define Global variables
our @filetypes = ("");
our $i = 0;

## initial call ... $ARGV[0] is the first command line argument

system "cls";

undef %saw;
@out = sort grep(!$saw{$_}++, @filetypes);
print "@out\n";

Simple C# function to find an executable being run in the path

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public string FindInPath(string filenameToFind)


string Path = System.Environment.GetEnvironmentVariable("PATH");

string[] folders = Path.Split(new char[] {';'});

foreach (string folder in folders)


DirectoryInfo dirInfo = new DirectoryInfo(folder);

if (dirInfo != null)


FileInfo[] files = dirInfo.GetFiles();

foreach (FileInfo file in files)

if (file.Name.ToLower().Contains(filenameToFind))

    return dirInfo.ToString();



return string.Empty;


Welcome to my blog!

A place to share all my technical learnings – code snippets, cool hacks and technical links I found useful.

I will start with importing old blogs from my personal blog and the new Droid Blog.

Coastal Tamil Nadu Trip

Trip covering Chidambaram, Cuddalore, Pichavaram, Poompuhar and Karaikal.

Trip Start Date: 21st Aug 2010 5:30 AM

Trip End Date: 24th Aug 2010 4 AM

Route: Bangalore – Salem – Attur – Chidambaram – Cuddalore – Chidambaram – Pichavaram – Poompuhar – Karaikal – Kumbakonam – Tanjavur – Tiruchi – Karur - Salem - Bangalore

People: Mom, Divi and me in Ritz

Jeeju, Hema, Aditi, Bhoomika, Paapa and jeeju’s ma in Wagon R.

Plan was to visit some beaches – but since it was heavily raining in the west coast – Goa/Karwar was rejected. On the east coast, since Mahabalipuram and Pondicherry were done, we wanted to goto some other places. Jeeju suggested Karaikal but since my first view of that place was as a remote village- i said we can visit it on one of the evenings. So we decided to cover Chidambaram, Cuddalore, Poompuhar and the temple towns Tanjavur and Trichy on the way back!

As usual we planned to start at 5 but ended up 30 mins late and started at 5:30. Divi was the last one to get ready. The 150 KMPH on Nice Road was good starting point and even though the traffic on NH7 is high with the slow moving lorries, we managed to reach the Athur Road in Salem by 8:15. 2 and 1/2 hours drive to Salem was great – I remember travelling by buses which took 5+ hours. But the roads have considerably improved except for a small stretch just before reaching Salem which has it’s share of huge potholes and a very steep descent.

We had the packed breakfast of Chitranna and puliyogre and managed to reach Athur for a cup of coffee at around 10:30. The roads after that were all 1 and 1/2 lanes and travelling became slow. On the route, bhoomi vomitted on Divi and that’s when we realized Divi hadn’t put her baggage in the car :(. We decided to buy clothes in Chidambaram instead of going back 350 kms… A right decision :). The routes are little confusing and the sign boards aren’t proper – so we got into wrong routes a lot of time. My B-I-L had GPS enabled mobile and following the path – not always accurate especially for remote places.

We reached Chidambaram at around 1:45. Headed to a crowded restaurant. After waiting for an hour, was able to get the meals and have it. Then we went on search of hotels and heard Hotel Saradharam is the best there. Though the rates are quite steep it looked a decent hotel and we booked 3 rooms.

After refreshing ourselves we went to Cuddaloresilver beach which was about 75 mins drive. The beach was good and since we went at around 6:00, there weren’t many people around. We played in the beach for good 1 hour. Bhoomi was surprisingly afraid of the beach and the sound the water waves were making. I did take her for a walk but not something that she enjoyed. On the way back, we did shopping for Divi in Cuddalore main town as well as in Chidambaram. We reached Sharadaram and had pleasant dinner.

Next day we got ready by 8 PM and headed to the Chidambaram main temple. This is the bode of Shiva – Nataraja temple and is a very huge temple. Nataraja is considered to be the god of dance. After doing special archana and completing our pooja’s we vacated the room and went to Pichavaram mangrove forest. we had lunch at that spot itself. Sharadaram has a small mess there. The rowing boat charges were cheap but they required around 3-4 hours to complete the tour. We took a speed boat (for 1000rs) and that was supposed to cover the area in 1 hour. After the initial journey of 15 mins on boring backwaters, we were transformed into a completely new world after that. The thick mangrove forest (mangrove has nothing to do with mangos which I came to know after going there) was enchanting. I believe the deepest point was about 5 feet and since the backwater doesn’t have any waterforce to pull, it’s extremely safe. We paid 200rs extra for him to take us into the inside of the mangrove forests and that was another great experience. we came back – had coffee – visited the backwaters and then headed towards Poompuhar. The route was too bad and it took nearly 2 hours. Poompuhar beach wasn’t anything great but we just played around for sometime. Mom and I went out to buy some hot fried fish (and so called octopus) from there and that ate away the time we spent on the beach. We couldn’t visit the poompuhar museum and jeeju who visited it said nothing worthwhile.

After eating the fish snacks, we headed to Karaikal and reached the lodge around 9 PM. Karaikal is a big city and I believe I travelled on the outskirts last time. We should have come directly here :).

Next day morning , we went to Karaikal beach without getting ready. The beach was good and since it was a monday, there wasn’t any crowd. Played nicely and surprisingly bhoomika too joined in and had a great time in the shallow beach. We then headed back after checking out of the hotel at around 1 PM. Had lunch at kumbakonam and couldn’t stop for temple visits there.  We reached tanjavur at 5:00. Visited temple and left at 6. We didn’t stop at trichy and visit the temples again as it was way too dark by then. We decided to go via Karur and got lost. Reached Karur around 11:30 PM. One of the worst highways, it was a nightmare to drive on it. we skipped dinner and just had snacks. The journey from Karur was like a dream on the golden quadrilateral highway. What a change it was and it felt like heaven after all the hardwork on the previous roads. Reached bangalore at around 3:30 AM.

Vishwa Shanti Ashrama

Date: 11 Sept 20102010-09-11_17-54-03_12

Persons: Pallavi, Sireesha and me.

Transport: Ritz

Total distance covered: 140 kms.


Just after Marriage – we had been to Mauritius.

Our first anniversary trip was to Kerala.

Wanted to plan some good place for the second anniversary but since our cutie girl Sireesha is too young for travel (as per my wife) – we couldn’t plan to go anywhere far. Even Mysore was rejected!. Finally chose Vishwa Shanti Ashrama as we heard it is only around 50 kms from Dodballapur. This place is in outskirts of Nelamangala and infact comes before reaching Nelamangala if you are coming from Bangalore. It’s around 20 kms from Majestic.

We had been there about a year back in bike and that time had chosen to go via Maddure, but since the roads were bad – we chose to go via the NH to Tumkur and take a deviation near dabbaspet. Dabbaspet is the junction where you take a turn to go to Shivagange.

Roads were okay and we reached the place in about 1 and 1/2 hours. This was a longer route (About 70kms). The place is good to spend a couple of hours. We visited the panduranga statue – 8 forms of Lakshmi – Vishwa roopa darshini – gayathri devi temples in the main complex. The exteriors has a Ganesha, Shiva, Rama, Krishna and Hanuman temples. The chariot is a good place to take some snaps!

Return journey was eventful one. We went over a flyover in dabbaspet and had to take a U-Turn after some 3 kms. A policeman stopped us and asked for a ride to Dodballapur. without thinking I said yes, but since the route was totally dark with very less traffic – there was always a thought running through the mind on “what if he isn’t a policeman but a thief”… Pallavi was more terrified and both were relaxed only when he got down at the outskirts of Dodballapur.

There was a surprise as soon as we reached home. Bharath had got a cake and we were supposed to cut it – The part which I really hate! But somehow this went on well.

Some more snaps from the trip:

Changing linked gmail account with Android Phones

Was searching for a mechanism to remove the linked gmail account with my office android phone. As per the link below – only solution looks to be to reset the complete mobile by clicking on Factory Data Reset! :(…. Not sure why this restriction has been placed. Why can’t I change my gmail id?

Driving changes in the last one month.

Driving a new car for the first few months or an year is always a pleasure especially if it happens to be your first car! The first few mini/micro accidents – you tend to ignore and think scratches are part and parcel of the learning experience. But as days go by, it certainly plays on your mind!

Driving from Bangalore to Dodballapur was always a mission for me – Target to reach the ~60 kms in 1 and 1/2 hours. Upto Yelahanka was a slower traffic one but once I crossed the town limits, used to do even 150 kms on the state highway. Risky but it was all fun! Was aggressive driver – honking away to not allow any vehicle stealthily join my lane ahead of me or not maintaining sufficient space between the next vehicle for others to sneak in.

But too much of travelling has it’s effect and I no longer have the energy to fight with the auto-rickshaws to not sneak into my lane or bikes to criss-cross at their own will. Stay at the right most lane – has the least chance for people to fight and come over. Listen to some good music on the way and in the traffic signals – so even though the travel time increases by an hour – feel relaxed to reach the destination.

Might be if everyone has the same mechanisms on the roads – the traffic flow will be smoother and less stressful!

Welcome to my blog!

A place to share all my learning on developing apps for Android and using a Android phone.

My last status update in FB related to this: Getting a blog address in blogspot seems to be real tough. Though there are no sites like or - It throws non-available. I understand might be reserved but why the others? Luckily droid-notes was made available :)

Gist Beta - Review


Tried Gist beta - started out as a contacts manager but as I added various social networks became more and more of a aggregator. Nice UI but looks common to many more apps already out there.

Gist - Organize, Connect, and Communicate with contacts from your entire professional network.

Gist provides the only full view of the contacts in your professional network by creating a rich business profile for each one that includes the most news, status updates, and work details.

Armed robbery in our layout

This happened in our layout a week back :(... Fear is visible in everyone's eyes in the layout ! Hope the police do something about this!


After spending a fortune and constructing dream houses, Bangaloreans residing on the outskirts of South-East, especially off Meenakshi temple, Bannerghatta Road are living under constant fear of being robbed.

Association members have been very pro-active though and lots of suggestions and flyers. Important Self-Serve suggestions from the EC members:

a) Keep your front and rear doors always closed and latched.

b) Before opening the door, make sure that you know them well.

c) Use peeping eye on the doors.

d) You can fix steel doors and keep them secured, whereas the wooden doors can be kept open a little.

e) You can have a dog (not small pets) at home if acceptable.

f) You can have CCTV/Burglar alarm and kept always in ON position.

g) Always re-verify the information, especially if you are called to come out of doors/house.

h) Employ a watchman from a reputed Security Agency for the duration of keeping your house unmanned when the whole family has to go out of station.

i) You are staying away from the layout for a full day or more should be known to very few people from whom it is impossible to conceal.

j) Maintain good neighbourly contacts.