Armed robbery in our layout

This happened in our layout a week back :(... Fear is visible in everyone's eyes in the layout ! Hope the police do something about this!


After spending a fortune and constructing dream houses, Bangaloreans residing on the outskirts of South-East, especially off Meenakshi temple, Bannerghatta Road are living under constant fear of being robbed.

Association members have been very pro-active though and lots of suggestions and flyers. Important Self-Serve suggestions from the EC members:

a) Keep your front and rear doors always closed and latched.

b) Before opening the door, make sure that you know them well.

c) Use peeping eye on the doors.

d) You can fix steel doors and keep them secured, whereas the wooden doors can be kept open a little.

e) You can have a dog (not small pets) at home if acceptable.

f) You can have CCTV/Burglar alarm and kept always in ON position.

g) Always re-verify the information, especially if you are called to come out of doors/house.

h) Employ a watchman from a reputed Security Agency for the duration of keeping your house unmanned when the whole family has to go out of station.

i) You are staying away from the layout for a full day or more should be known to very few people from whom it is impossible to conceal.

j) Maintain good neighbourly contacts.

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