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So I had been to BITS Pilani again (I never thought I would go there again after my MS project viva).... Reason: Campus recruitment from my current company. 

We set off from Bangalore on Saturday morning with Question Papers.. Answer sheet (to make sure we don't goof up correcting the answer sheets given by the students). Reached Delhi at around 12:00 and then headed to Radisson Hotel to pick up the HR. We then went to a mall in Gurgaon to have our Lunch. Gurgaon I believe is in Haryana district and not Delhi (surprising.. hv to check it up again!!! ) but it looks like more "metro"ish than Delhi. 1000s of huge buildings - offices.. 100s of malls.. . well maintained wide roads. After having rajasthani lunch we set off to Pilani in 2 Innovas. 3 Techies (Anil, Jeetu, Sumeet) in one car, my PM (Balajee), hr poornima, Pranay & me in one. Reached Pilani at around 8 PM and went to Connaught place for dinner. This place is like MG Road of most cities - the only bustling business center there in Pilani.

17 Saraswathi Temple Next day, we got up early and went for a walk at 6:30. Freezing temperature didn't dampen us and we were able to get good sunrise pics with the Saraswati temple background, and were able to be in touching distance with some real cute peacocks. Then we went to Birla's house and temple nearby. After shopping in a Emporium for some dresses and artworks, we went back to campus to prepare ourselves for the written test and the intro speech. Intro speech went well - all branches can take test and the relatively high salary drove people to attend the test. It was fun walking around the written test hall as if I was an invigilator making sure none copied :-), and to answer any queries. Correction did take its own sweet time as many questions were explanatory in nature.

Next day the interview process did start early (8 AM) and I did 35 Offered Candidates with usabout 6 continuously from 8 AM to 1AM. I selected 2 bright candidates out of them. Amazing to know that many didn't turn up for the interview as they were placed in another company who was there for recruitment though they cleared the interview written test. Though we stated that we didn't have fixed count for recruiting, they thought they didn't want to jeopardize their friend's chances.

We did take a group snap and headed back to Delhi at 6 PM. Reached Delhi (The Park Lodge) at 11:30 and rolled over to sleep.

Delhi - we went to Akshardham temple (again didn't take the tours/shows) and did some shopping in INS and Delhi Haat. Headed back to bangalore by 6 PM flight.

Snaps are available at: &

My First Property...


Yes... Bought an house yesterday (10th Jan 2008). After 2+ months of *praying* to the ING Vysya bank, the registration did take place yesterday.

Location Details: #380, Shirdi Sai South Avenue, Gottigere, Bangalore. It's supposed to be part of JPNagar 9th phase and is about a km deviation of bannergatta road (about 3 kms from Meenakshi temple). Once the nice road gets completed, should be a quick 15 min drive from/to Electronic City.

So, the dream of owning an house atlast is fulfilled. Just as an investment opportunity and hopefully will get a tenant soon. The house is right behind the 60*40 site where my sister is constructing an house for us, so it should be easy to manage.

Ex-MT minds Meet


Nice to meet many Ex & current MindTree Minds.. some of them after years.MTMindsMeet3

Santosh and Sunil were back from US and good to spend some time with them. Others who joined in were Archana, Vanita, Kiru, Srividya, Loney, Vikas and Ashwin.

Snaps shared by Srividhyaa -

"Inside Intuit" - A great READ !!!

[DRAFT] image

Initially I thought it was another of those marketing strategy books... And thought of skimming through the chapters on the cab drive back home. But after reading few chapters... I believe this is totally different.

This turns out to be a great read not only for the interesting things happening in each chapter but for some amazing thoughtful pointers. It's great to know the mental thoughts going through the founders as they take each and every step. Definitely creates an entrepreneur thought in you.

It's quite different from the "Google Story" where you loose interest after few great interesting chapters... .

U can read some excerpts from the book at Google Books and review comments at Amazon.


Wish you all a very Happy New Year 2008 !!!

Let this year bring on the determination, capability, courage & luck to fulfill all your long standing wishes ! ... Wish you all the best again !