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Hitter’s Cricket – new form of cricket!

T20 is all about “Entertainment” especially with batsmen hitting sixes after sixes. There is a huge popularity on the batting front though occasionally a very good fast bowler or a spinner grabs attention. Here is a proposal to make the batting (reins of sixes) even more easier and popular - The major change is The Bowler would be from the same team as the batsman. Only the fielders will be from the opposite side and the captain can decide where to place his fielders . This will make the bowler bowl more hitting friendly deliveries and we would have more fours and sixes than ever in a match! Of course there should be some rule changes to minimize things that happened in matches like this.1. If a bowler bowls a wide or above head no-ball, instead of a run getting added, we will subtract one run. Byes won’t be counted.2. A bowler can bowl a maximum of 2 full tosses (as apposed to 1 bouncer now).3. Bowler should not intimate the batsman of where he is going to bowl either by words or eye…