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#StartupCity - Notes

Innovation to success Presentation by Chetan Maini - Mahindra Reva electric cars founder.  Govt subsidy was given for other small segment cars few months before their release. Had to change the Business model. Was a blessing. They WENT GLOBAL. Good Success with higher margin in Europe.One key customer discussion was on Anxiety - what happens if car stalls midway.  EMERGENCY CHARGE 10 KMS100$ in Europe. Electronic diagnostics - bpo based. Remote analysis.  3 months in advance.Internet dashboard, mobile apps.Cost - service centers in outskirts
Technology trends coming up Analyticslearn from nature. Mercedes from box fish, paints from lotus leaves. No dirt sticks.Realtime 3d - augmented reality.Body sensors.Small cells (cisco) in addition to big networking cells. 100 to  200 mtrs. Cubes (bell)Zero eggs. No buttons. No interface. Same with devices. Mobile will go memory computingVision - evernote CEO talks about 100 yr product company.Marketing != ads.  Product., pricing, channe…