#StartupCity - Notes

Innovation to success Presentation by Chetan Maini - Mahindra Reva electric cars founder. 
  1. Govt subsidy was given for other small segment cars few months before their release. Had to change the Business model. Was a blessing. They WENT GLOBAL. Good Success with higher margin in Europe.
  2. One key customer discussion was on Anxiety - what happens if car stalls midway.  EMERGENCY CHARGE 10 KMS
  3. 100$ in Europe. Electronic diagnostics - bpo based. Remote analysis.  3 months in advance.
  4. Internet dashboard, mobile apps.
  5. Cost - service centers in outskirts

Technology trends coming up
  1. Analytics
  2. learn from nature. Mercedes from box fish, paints from lotus leaves. No dirt sticks.
  3. Realtime 3d - augmented reality.
  4. Body sensors.
  5. Small cells (cisco) in addition to big networking cells. 100 to  200 mtrs. Cubes (bell)
  6. Zero eggs. No buttons. No interface. Same with devices. Mobile will go smaller.
  7. in memory computing
  8. Vision - evernote CEO talks about 100 yr product company.
  9. Marketing != ads.  Product., pricing, channels are more important.

  1. Cloudfoundry, aws
  2. greenplum - analytics

  1. SkipTask
   Crowd sourced Interviews. Sounded very different and innovative.
  1. http://renewit.in/
Renew used branded computers. Quite useful for small companies and education sites.

   - Something like goAnimate but professionals behind creating it.

   - Testimonials for online sites. To be approved by Sites before displaying the testimonial.

Other startups which seemed good but had heard before.

    idea to app in record time. Thought I heard about exactly same concept in CTOF

 - Ginko.in
    Very similar to F1Biz.in concept :)

    Scan invoices and directly import to tally 

- FastDealz
    Reverse auction site. Sounded very similar to IBuyIt.in

Sahi - Tyto software:  WebAutomation that supports Ajax applications, cross browser

QzBingo and SurveyChili 
    surveys + Quiz

   Like freelance.com for Indian market

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