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Trip to Mantralayam

So, we selected the package tour offered by AP tourism to Alampur, Mantralayam and Pillalamari. Trip was scheduled to start at 9:30, so we went to the baseerbagh office at 9:00. The "we" here stands for: Ganesh, Vinayak, Ganesh mom and I. Had tiffin there and waited and waited and waited :)... The bus came at 9:45 and left around 10:05. Bus stopped at 12:30 in some govt owned restaurant. Took some snaps and headed to Alampur (15 kms from Kurnool). We reached Alampur around 3:15. The temple town is good. it's situated right next to the Tungabhadra river and there is a high wall separating the village and the river. It has 9 Shiva linga temples and a jagadamba temple. The jagadamba temple is beautiful and newly renovated. The temple has an entrance fee (Sounds strange isn't it ? :)) and they use it for renovating other temples. About alampur, it looks like a remote village where people are mainly poor. There were literally hundreds of beggars following us everywhere w…