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Link to cancel your AWS account/services

CommStor Tech

Wishing the company CommStor Tech all the best! FB and YouTube page looks good.

Download Java Dependent Jars using Maven

To add Java Sources and Javadocs to the maven repository (basically so that you can explore via Eclipse or other IDEs), please refer to:

Interesting internal URLs in Chrome

If you are using Chrome and love the feature where typing in few characters at the address bar completes the URL, have a look at chrome://predictors/ (Type it in address bar). Lists all the combinations that have been used and their frequency. Now you know why typing in f lists and not  One more interesting URL for chrome users: chrome://omnibox/
It lists out how your omnibox (address bar in other browsers) list out contents in the drop down as you type.
For e.g., just type india and press submit. It will list out options which it will show in the drop down when you actually type it out in omnibox. And it also shows category where it was fetched from (history/bookmarks/google search)

#StartupCity - Notes

Innovation to success Presentation by Chetan Maini - Mahindra Reva electric cars founder.  Govt subsidy was given for other small segment cars few months before their release. Had to change the Business model. Was a blessing. They WENT GLOBAL. Good Success with higher margin in Europe.One key customer discussion was on Anxiety - what happens if car stalls midway.  EMERGENCY CHARGE 10 KMS100$ in Europe. Electronic diagnostics - bpo based. Remote analysis.  3 months in advance.Internet dashboard, mobile apps.Cost - service centers in outskirts
Technology trends coming up Analyticslearn from nature. Mercedes from box fish, paints from lotus leaves. No dirt sticks.Realtime 3d - augmented reality.Body sensors.Small cells (cisco) in addition to big networking cells. 100 to  200 mtrs. Cubes (bell)Zero eggs. No buttons. No interface. Same with devices. Mobile will go memory computingVision - evernote CEO talks about 100 yr product company.Marketing != ads.  Product., pricing, channe…

Images in Emails

Do you get emails with images, and outlook blocking the display of images in the preview/display page? Then this image would resonate well: 
Image files were always thought to be vulnerable for viruses as it’s quite easy to embed malicious code into jpg or other format of images. See this reference for some more details: Now this problem can be easily mitigated by good image readers/scanners which only understand the image format and display it if it adheres to that standard and it doesn’t execute anything. So VIRUS is not the problem. If you carefully read the warning, it says to “protect privacy”…  That’s interesting! What can a image from a 3rd party site do with privacy? Answer is simple and it’s not addressable by email clients. Consider the image(s) to be downloaded is at customized link for your email id. Once this image is downloaded from the site, it just means that your email id is valid. Quick a…

System Restart - Mac OS X

If your mac icon isn't working on the system menu, then here are 2 quick ways to achieve the same.
Ctrl-Cmd-Eject works - does a force reboot.Open a terminal and type in: sudo reboot (sudo is required if you are not an admin)
or you can use sudo shutdown -r  which is mentioned to be more gracious and other options.

Interesting short urls

Have you ever wondered what are the shortest URLs?

Found the following 1 letter second level domain names with .co and .com TLDs. Interesting list. => Redirects to => Redirects to => displays page mentioning about it being used for Google Product Links => __ NO_REDIRECT__ Startup America Site => displays page mentioning about it being used for a twitter service => Redirects to  GoDaddy site for URL shortening => __ NO_REDIRECT__ An ebay Product => Redirects to
Now taking example, redirects to but redirects to an help page in Also surprising that they have a short URL for but not for
Also interesting why companies like apple, microsoft, intuit doesn't have single letter domain urls. or and likes lucrative URLs for them to own for more web hits... doesn't it? (Though have to agree that the num…

Use nanoTime instead of System.currentTimeInMillis()


Especially useful when we are not really looking for a wall clock definition (current time) but are doing endTime-StartTime.