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Open Terminal window here - Mac OS X

It isn't as easy as updating registry key in windows (or atleast I don't know). Found this link to be good source for app to do that.
Chose the one with customized terminal window icon.
If the folder Finder doesn't exist in your 'Application Support' directory, then do create it.

If you have any other easy ways of doing this, let me know.

3rd Marriage Anniversary. Trip to Mysore

Last weekend Trip.. Turned out to be quite an adventurous trip especially from Talakad to Mysore.

Left Bangalore at 1 PM and reached Shivanasamudra via Kanakapura road at about 3 PM. Visted Talakkad on the same day and stayed at Hotel DasPrakash in Mysore. Next day visited Mysore Zoo and Chamundi Hills. Returned home just after 10 PM.

Trip to Shimoga

Day 1.
Covered the following places and temples:
1. Dasarighat - Chowdeshwari Temple.
2. Tiptur - Mallikarjuna Temple and Kempamma Temple
3. Shimoga - Kotte Anjaneya Temple and Kote Marikamba Temple

Day 2:
1. Ikkeri - Old Shiva Temple
2. Sigandur - Chowdeshwari Temple
3. Jog Falls - Majestic Water falls

Day 3:
1. Shakrebyle Elephant Camp - Similar to the more famous Dubare in Kodagu district.
2. Gajanur Dam - Nice view points but no photography allowed.
3. Tyavarekoppa Lion and Tiger Safari with zoo.