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Http Post utility

Poster seems to be a very good browser plugin to do HTTP Posts. It supports all http method calls, headers and post body formats. It's available for Firefox and Chrome for both Windows and Mac.
Link for chrome: is another good one if you want to try it on browser & not install a plugin.

If you want to download an app for Mac, then try out ApiKitchen. Url: It has an online version too:
It's still in beta (as of 30 May 2012) but accomplishes most of the job very well.
Rest-Client is another good tool.

SpringSource ToolSuite - changing maven repo

If you are using STS, you would have found that you cannot modify the default maven repo being used in the project preferences or STS preferences.

To change it, goto preferences -> maven -> Installations. You will find the location for settings.xml. Goto this file in Finder/Explorer and modify the to point to the correct repo you want. Restart STS and you should be good to go. 

Solution found from :
Thanks Christian.

Visiting any blogger sites from India seems to redirect it to This seems to be part of creating a country-code top level domain, or 'ccTLD' so that removal of content becomes easier for country level. If you want to visit the original blogsite, just append /ncr to the blog. 
So to access this blog, you would be using
More info:

Mac OS X Lion Tweaks Tool

Mac OS X Tweaks - Very useful tool especially to show and hide hidden files.