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Engagement Invitation !!

Windows Live SpacesThe location maps and the invitation card can all be viewed in the Slideshow above. For the benefit of Non-Kannada readers, the details are: Dattatreya Marriage Hall, AralluMallige Circle, Dodballapur, Bangalore District. (Not Bangalore City :-)). It's about 40-45 kms from Bangalore.Date: 02-May-2008Timings: 12:25 PM onwards.Hoping to meet you all there.

Time to congratulate me !!!

Well guys... You should have guessed what this blog is about by now (after reading the subject line) .. . if not. .. spend few seconds and u shud hv guessed correct :-)
... So, her name is Pallavi.. She is from Dodaballapur (Bangalore rural)... finished her B.Sc Microbiology.. Major hobby - watching tv and also early morning walks & yoga. BTW, It's proper arranged marriage :-) ... Just getting to know her better with 2-3 hours calls everyday :-). Engagement should be on May 2nd. Will post details later.


Wow !!! Just amazing :-)I had last been to Hampi around 17 years back as part of a trip with my granny. Just remembered the broken monuments and small dusty roads. So, when fellow Intuitian called for a trip, I said sure.  This was my first trip with Intuit friends and I hardly knew 2 out of the total 14 people. 8 were from Intuit and the rest friends of Intuitians. Fri-Night/ Saturday:  Left Bangalore at 10:30 via Hampi Express: Reached Hospet at around 6:45. Took an auto (100rs) to reach Hampi - TungaBhadra river bed at around 7:30. Took a boat to cross the river and walked a km to reach Shanthi Guest House. The boat boy was an instant hit with his "6 O' Clock boat close" style statement (said in a real stylish way). Guest house was very well furnished. The cottage looked excellent and was cheap too (600rs for double bedroom). Only issue was the frequent power cuts and No Vodafone/Airtel signals :-(. Had nice breakfast (Bread Sandwiches + Aloo Parotas) and headed out i…