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My niece bhumika's naming ceremony


Patent application approved for filing!

Thought will share this info with all of you . ...  One of the patent applications I posted in our site got approved for next level and is in the process of filing with US Patents.  Hopefully, this will be the first of many to be done!

Road humps... without signs and white markings?

[DRAFT]Are you a "safe" driver like me !  - checking all the traffic signals around and making sure you follow most (the rare cases of starting off even though the light just turned from Red to Yellow fearing the constant honking behind, or not stopping when lights turn from green to yellow fearing others behind you ramming into your vehicle)? If so, you would definitely dread this one too. . u see a road hump and slow down. Invariably the vehicles behind you don't notice that...  drive damn close to you OR just screech halt next to your vehicle and bad mouth you OR just hit your vehicle... . Problem seems to be that most of these humps are  bizarrely put up by some person not approved to put that up - just to make their apartment entrance safe! or just to make people look at their shops while they slow down... Also most of this humps have no kind of notice to drivers ... they are without any white paint markings over the hump or any sign board near to signal the drivers…

Bad Interviewer?

Feel bad that I wasn't able to do a good job in this case but then aren't such experience required to learn and become better? Not that I have changed much of my style after this particular interview :-) !

Haage Summane - movie review

Nope.. .not posting the story here.. . don't know how come some websites can list the entire movie. .the turning points of the movie and even the climax... gosh.. that makes it so thrilling... :(... So you want to read the story with spoilers, then check below site,  else just google it out. view of the movie: didn't go with too much expectation... so it turned out to be a good one. Good to know the major technicians from Mungaaru male were doing jobs for this  movie too.. music and cinematography were really good. The picturesque location were really breathtaking! Feel really good seeing Karnataka's coastal areas highlighted so well in this movie. The lead actors Kiran and Suhasi, though both debuting in this movie, have done excellent. Look cute and apt for the role. Story goes smooth and good time paced though dragging in few small parts. And the f…

Temples in Bangalore!

25th Dec (Christmas day), I had been to temple near bettadasana pura. It's in a small village connecting the Bannergatta road with Electronic city (the road is named wipro road, I think). The temple atop a small hill has both Venkateshwara (Vishnu) and shiva temple. It's covered all around with a Fort wall though broken at many places. It was so different not only in architecture but just the fact that it was such an old one (more older than kempegouda defining the Bangalore boundary). The priests were different from the normal showoff temple priests in most part of Bangalore. They were eager to hear about each people visiting the temple. Talk to them, provide a brief info about the temple, and do archana free of charge and that too patient to hear about all the names in the family :-)So different from all the artificial temple 5-star pieces like ISKCON (5 Star complex/Multiplex?), Shiva temple in airport road, dodda ganesha temple in Bull temple road(temple is great, only the…

My niece! ... "Pinky" as per aditi ..

Name: <To Decide> BHUMIKA (named on 14th Dec 2008)Date of Birth: 29/11/2008 3:32 PMPlace of Birth: Wockhardt Hospital, BangaloreNickname: Pinky (as per her sister: Aditi - reason, her cheeks are so pink :))