Haage Summane - movie review


Nope.. .not posting the story here.. . don't know how come some websites can list the entire movie. .the turning points of the movie and even the climax... gosh.. that makes it so thrilling... :(... So you want to read the story with spoilers, then check below site,  else just google it out.


My view of the movie: didn't go with too much expectation... so it turned out to be a good one. Good to know the major technicians from Mungaaru male were doing jobs for this  movie too.. music and cinematography were really good. The picturesque location were really breathtaking! Feel really good seeing Karnataka's coastal areas highlighted so well in this movie. The lead actors Kiran and Suhasi, though both debuting in this movie, have done excellent. Look cute and apt for the role. Story goes smooth and good time paced though dragging in few small parts. And the fact that "diary" doesn't really belong to the heroine makes the movie real compared to bizarre love stories where all sorts of connections happen with message "True love triumphs!" ..All in all, a good timepass movie... laugh a bit, hummnnn the songs.. enjoy the sceneries. . .cherish few good scenes and come out smiling. . .I am happy with such movies and definitely this fills in that slot !

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