Road humps... without signs and white markings?



Are you a "safe" driver like me !  - checking all the traffic signals around and making sure you follow most (the rare cases of starting off even though the light just turned from Red to Yellow fearing the constant honking behind, or not stopping when lights turn from green to yellow fearing others behind you ramming into your vehicle)?

If so, you would definitely dread this one too. . u see a road hump and slow down. Invariably the vehicles behind you don't notice that...  drive damn close to you OR just screech halt next to your vehicle and bad mouth you OR just hit your vehicle... . Problem seems to be that most of these humps are  bizarrely put up by some person not approved to put that up - just to make their apartment entrance safe! or just to make people look at their shops while they slow down... Also most of this humps have no kind of notice to drivers ... they are without any white paint markings over the hump or any sign board near to signal the drivers to slow down.

This has to definitely change and something has to be done.. . Just where to start is the question?


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