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Ramalingeshwara temple - off Bannergatta road

Last weekend had been to Ramalingeshwara temple which is off Bannergatta road. It's basically a cave temple - Rama's idols along with Seetha, Lakshmana and Hanuman and another with Shiva linga are present here. There is also a dhyaana mandira. The evenings are extremely quiet here and can spend some peaceful time here. You can also sit atop the small hillock and see around the kind of growth this place has seen.It's close to the more famous Meenakshi temple - which is thronged by 100s of pilgrims day in and out. To reach, you have to take the road opposite the meenakshi temple (there's a sign board for Hulimaavu police station) and travel for a little lesser than 1/2 km. Sad that this road is in pitiable condition - maybe that's the reason for not so many visitors to the temple. Again, since it was a temple visit, didn't take the camera and hence no pictures to attach, but would definitely recommend everyone to pay a visit to the temple. There is also a "p…

Patents - how do I find out how it works! or what is patentable?

[Draft]Nope... I am not talking about "How patents works?"  google search or in people tend to not like software patents as it kind of restricts the features being used widespread. Mostly OpenSource minds tend to believe nothing should be patentable and any new idea/tech should be reusable. Though makes sense, in this cut-throat competition world, don't see that as a possibility. Now coming to the actual questions - I am still figuring how things work in the patent world. I see some cool ideas not getting patented or then some "not-so-cool" ideas getting patented and lying with no-one using them. Should all patents be productizable? Not definitely. Swype as a product - not sure if it will definitely catch on, but atleast with the patent, it knows there cannot be 100s of imitations of that in the market or a larger organisation adding it into their product and not paying any royalty to the actual idea generators. Some companies just file p…

Swype - real cool innovation?

Looking at the great comments - fast, hypnotical, magical, blindingly fast, love this... thought it's worth checking it out. Link:'s a cool invention and using it might help in quick typing, but it does have it's nemesis'. It's not 100% accurate as typing (if you type correctly) as it uses some kind of data matching with it's dictionary to find the words as you swipe across the panel. Not sure you can enter Abbreviations and some code names using this mechanism. A great invention but with not that impressive dependency.

Why on earth can't I disable SearchWiki in Google Search?

Google Experiments are usually very interesting and I participate/use many of them. SearchWiki is one cool concept too... details about searchwiki are here. Now that I experimented, I want to get rid of that, but for some strange reason, google doesn't allow you to ! ...  Any logged in user by default gets the searchwiki with all the buttons around and previous modifications to results. That looks crap and I want to get out of it but just can't find an option.. Google search found thousands of people lamenting on the same and one of the links talked about how to disable... the page: it talks about signing off - Nope.. I don't want to do that as gmail doesn't require login for couple of weeks I think and I don't want to sign off google to keep signing into gmail everytime.GreaseMonkey script - No, I don;'t want to install some plugins to just do some searchJoin some experiments - well, if I have to join an experiment to get out of another experiment. ... whateve…

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