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Technical sites

I typically start office time with browsing my office mails followed by gmail and live mails. This is now invariably followed by 30 mins of browsing technical sites and I have kind of grown addictive to these: Regularly visit: http://news.cnet.com other sites I visit occasionally:http://techmeme.com more which I rarely visit: to avoid mention of FaceBook, Orkut and Twitter where I spend considerable time too :)

Different Personal and Professional news streams for Facebook?

In FaceBook You share a lot of technical stuff …. links relating to the work you do, company info, competitors products info etc etc…. Then there is the personal front – snaps. ..outings.. .your philosophical notes, ramblings etc etc …. Two different streams or a classification of the news stream would be a good way to get the relevant information displayed to the correct audience of your co-workers/family/friends :).. Hope FaceBook implements it soon!

Sireesha – our princess!

Sireesha Photos : @Facebook and Picasa: BORNONFriday, 2nd July 2010 3:28 AMATRangadore Hospital, ShankarpuramBYDr Prabha RamakrishnaWEIGHT2.44 kg HEIGHT45 cm STAR SIGN(Nakshatra)ShatabhishaRAASIKumbhaName starting lettersSa, Si or SuAbout the name…. Didn’t know it was such a difficult job especially with 10,000 odd names from Google search results and each family member/relative/friend suggesting different set of names :)Few suggestions which I considered: Sanjana, Samiksha, Susmitha. But finally decided on the name – Sireesha overriding strong objections from mom, Divi, bro’s-in-law (chittu/bharath) etc etc…. Hope you guys liked it and support me :)Sireesha is the name of a rare wild flower – some sites mention it as sacred and found in heaven where as some point it as a common deciduous flowering plant. It’s also supposed to be another name of Goddess Lakshmi, Wife of Hindu lord Vishnu. It’s written as ಸಿರೀಷ (in Kannada – Tunga font) and सिरीष (in Hindi – Mangal font - typed using q…

First traffic ticket for Ritz

Got my first ticket last weekend for driving at 73 kmph on outer ring rooad (just after hennur road junction). I am not sure they have put any signboards stating 60 is the limit on outer ring road. And the rational for traffic personals seems to be to make more money than control and educate the masses on driving faster. I have done 150 kmph on a 2 lane state highway and no-one seems to care on that but a 70+ on a 6 lane road seems to be a problem :(
My max speed has been 165 on chennai highway – closer to Vellore and in Bangalore – 150 (Nice Road) and dodballapur State highway.