Sireesha – our princess!


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Friday, 2nd July 2010 3:28 AM


Rangadore Hospital, Shankarpuram


Dr Prabha Ramakrishna


2.44 kg


45 cm

STAR SIGN(Nakshatra)




Name starting letters

Sa, Si or Su

About the name…. Didn’t know it was such a difficult job especially with 10,000 odd names from Google search results and each family member/relative/friend suggesting different set of names :)

Few suggestions which I considered: Sanjana, Samiksha, Susmitha. But finally decided on the name – Sireesha overriding strong objections from mom, Divi, bro’s-in-law (chittu/bharath) etc etc…. Hope you guys liked it and support me :)

Sireesha is the name of a rare wild flower – some sites mention it as sacred and found in heaven where as some point it as a common deciduous flowering plant. It’s also supposed to be another name of Goddess Lakshmi, Wife of Hindu lord Vishnu.

It’s written as ಸಿರೀಷ (in Kannada – Tunga font) and सिरीष (in Hindi – Mangal font - typed using quillpad) and pronounced as s ih - R EE - sh ah or C re SHaa.

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