Booked my first car!

16th jul Update: Looks like the registration for the car will be delayed as it's not left from Gurgoan and might be another couple of weeks :(.. . was eagerly waiting for it early next week :(.. ..


Maruti Suzuki Ritz... ZXI - Baker's Chocolate color (same as above).

You can click on Features, specs, colors to get more details about the car.

Total Cost: 5.66 Lakhs. Booked in Bimal showroom, Bannergatta Road.

One of the most time taking decision of my life... . Story of my choice o->

Initial thoughts were to go for a mid-segment car. .. just to meet the space criteria. Thought about Fiat Linea, Ford Fiesta, Hyundai Verna. Didn't like Swift Dezire based on it's looks, Accent because it's a very old engine and rumors that it's production will be stopped soon... Honda City and Civic were way above my initial budget thoughts...

Linea being a fiat, issues with services were prominent; Fiesta got bad reviews about petrol car mileage and maintenance, I almost decided upon Verna until everyone in my family gave me a big lecture on not going for big loans (basically ಹಾಸಿಗೆ ಇಧಸ್ತು ಕಾಲು ಚಾಚು )... so went for Smaller cars... I still feel bad whenever I see the verna on road... might be I should have gone for that only.. :(

Anyway I wanted something comfortable for 5 people to sit. . so spark, zen estillo, Wagon R, i10 were all out. i10 is touted to be a 5 passenger car, but not for people of my size :)... width is about 12cm lesser than swift which makes a huge difference for 3 people sitting backside.

Getz, Fabia and i20 were costlier for the same features as Swift. Didn't check out Uva or Palio... So decided on Swift, until the day before going for booking read about Ritz in the newspaper and sister/friends started suggesting that.. After test driving Ritz, felt the 2 BHP difference between swift shouldn't matter and Ritz having some good features I liked, I finally settled with Ritz :)...

Every person I have spoken to has been saying bad design - backside of the car is worst etc... until I say I have booked the car and then they backtrack and say - no .. no it's a good car or atleast no comments then :P... But hopefully the looks will start getting better in people's perspective as they more of the car on the road :)


  1. Many congratulations.

    You did not mention about booking and waiting time.

  2. Giri, Thanks!
    I booked it last month around 20th.. Waiting period is 2 months. Should get it on Jul 21st. Long waiting period especially for ZXI but hopefully it's worth the wait :)

  3. Cool , hope I get to go somewhere in it!

  4. Congratulations .. Have a nice time driving ...

    Archana C

  5. @Guru - Definitely but will make sure you are on the back seats and not on driver's seat especially after hearing your "need for speed" driving skills :)

    @Archana - Thanks a lot! :)

  6. No way.You remember how I drove Anand's car from Jalsa! Someone is spreading wrong info about me.