Driving changes in the last one month.

Driving a new car for the first few months or an year is always a pleasure especially if it happens to be your first car! The first few mini/micro accidents – you tend to ignore and think scratches are part and parcel of the learning experience. But as days go by, it certainly plays on your mind!

Driving from Bangalore to Dodballapur was always a mission for me – Target to reach the ~60 kms in 1 and 1/2 hours. Upto Yelahanka was a slower traffic one but once I crossed the town limits, used to do even 150 kms on the state highway. Risky but it was all fun! Was aggressive driver – honking away to not allow any vehicle stealthily join my lane ahead of me or not maintaining sufficient space between the next vehicle for others to sneak in.

But too much of travelling has it’s effect and I no longer have the energy to fight with the auto-rickshaws to not sneak into my lane or bikes to criss-cross at their own will. Stay at the right most lane – has the least chance for people to fight and come over. Listen to some good music on the way and in the traffic signals – so even though the travel time increases by an hour – feel relaxed to reach the destination.

Might be if everyone has the same mechanisms on the roads – the traffic flow will be smoother and less stressful!

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