Guru - Movie Review

Guru... The latest movie of my favorite director - Maniratnam. Starring Abhisekh Bachchan and Aishwarya rai, the movie does look upto the initial expectations.

My rating: **** (out of 5 stars)


Movie starts promisingly with the young abhisekh getting permission to goto the turkish city of istanbul for pursuing his own job. Abhisekh grows up knowing the fine points of the business industry and when given a promotion flies back to India stating if they considered me good enough for a promotion, then I think I can setup my own business.

Comes to india and meets the eloping Aishwarya {albeit unsuccessful} in the train. He agrees to marry a girl for 25k dowry and surprise its Aish. He moves to THE CITY in pursuit of his business and is dumbstruck on how to start with the corruption prevalent in the market. With the help of Mithun, a newspaper editor, he gets the corrupted official thrown out and starts his business. Sets up a Polyster factory and aims for petro products. All the while, indulging in bribes and corruption just to get what he wants.

Second half is where Mithun, the newspaper editor turns against the corruption being dealt by Abhisekh and asks his journalist Madhavan to show Abhishek's true colors. Madhavan then sets out investigating and exposing the deals of Abhi. Even the people desert Abhi and only Aish stands behind him.

A courtroom drama follows where the final verdict - whether Shakti Polyster will be shutdown & Abhishek jailed or will Abhishek triumph.


Abhishek as the immensely talented and mature and most importantly very determined person comes out trumps. Has done great justice to the role.

Aishwarya stars as Abhi's reel wife and does a good job. Looks good in the barso re song but not much of a glamor role.

Madhavan and Vidya balan look good and act well.

Mithun, the surprise package, we all thought of as villain of the movie, has given a very good performance.

A.r.rahman's music is very good and in line with the story.

Rajiv menon's cinematography is good, especially in covering istanbul and in barso re song.

Maniratnam direction and his penchant for perfect acts is clearly visible. He has done great justice to the talent available to him. There are great humorous and spontaneous reacting dialogues in the movie. Only disappointment in that is the last court scene which has less conviction.

All in all, a great movie to watch.


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