Desamuduru - Telugu movie review

Well the movie starts promisingly.. Traditional tollywood introduction of the hero with action scene, hero falling in first-sight-love with the heroine... the cute heroine who is not interested etc.... nothing great but just nice timepass with the first half. Its the second half that is disappointing. Hero trying to save his girl from their relatives... Lots of fights..actions.. and finally we know what happens. :)

So the story goes like this: Hero who works in Maa tv, saves someone and is afraid that villains will hack him and his friends to death. so he goes to Kullu manali to shoot a travelogue. He sees Hansika (isn't she beautiful :)) and falls in love immediately only to come to know that she is a sanyasin.. sigh... then the story revolves under how he changes her heart and finally is about to get her to Hyd. Sigh. The villains kidnap her.. and the hero comes to know why she became a sanyasin. {Pity he didn't want to know the reasons before that}. He comes back to Hyd with one mission to save her. How he does that forms the crux of the second half of the movie.

There is supposed to be a parallel comedy track of Ali and Kovai sarala but that doesn't invoke much laughter. Allu arjun does a good job and Hansika not only looks damn pretty, but does act naturally. Disappointment is with so many action scenes which weren't warranted.

All in all a good timepass movie. Enjoy the first half and watch through the second.


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