Life in terms of .net :)

Was just having a fun conversation with friends.... . Thought this might be interesting, so posting it here :). Await for a revised non-chat based post on the same topic :D :)

AG: read ma note – ‘Be Yourself, the original is always better than the copy’

‎‎CM‎‎: From where did u copy. ..


‎‎KJ‎‎: b original atul

CM‎‎: Original is always better than copy buddy. .... Ur;'s is paradox

‎‎KJ: are we copied or original

we are copied from human template

anybody smelling?

‎‎CM‎‎: Yeah .. we are not copied!

We are instantiated based on the template

‎‎KJ: so derived is better than copied ?

‎‎CM‎‎: Hhhmmm..... Good qns... Keep it coming. .  

‎‎KJ: or instance based on template is better than derived

‎‎AG‎: kathik == copy hain

‎‎KJ: original > derived > templ instantiated > copied > twins

original > derived > templ instantiated > imitation > copied

‎‎AG: moral of the storie ::  chandu and jayaraman pagal ho gayein

‎‎KJ‎‎: why am I eating the same way you are eating

who started "how to eat?"

but i am not copying

‎‎CM: R U Sure?

‎‎KJ: i am eating in my own uniques "copied" way

‎‎CM‎‎: Ejactly... .

‎‎KJ: so are we trained to copy from birth?

or imitate...eventually a habit

‎‎CM: The template// Oops should it be a Human base class ... had a virtual member eat () with some pretty neat steps.. . some like me just incorporate it. .. some like you. ... override it completely

‎‎KJ‎‎: chandru pls keep going


‎‎KJ: bugger atul

why is everybody same but different at the same time?

‎‎CM: But then we all are derived of the same class. At the most they can guarantee is we all eat. ..but what we eat and how we eat is upto the implementers 

‎‎KJ: what is unique?

‎‎KJ: true chandru

who told us to derive...who made this derivation?


‎‎KJ: according to chandru...

how can i imitate like chandru if i am also derived

do everybody derive from everybody else?

‎‎AG: hmmm ... gud question


‎‎CM‎‎: Nope.. we are in .net world there is no multi-inheritence. we have only multi-level inheritence ... The world started from a single lineage

KJ‎‎: but we can have interfaces

so i can implement IChandru and IHuman

or can I?

‎‎CM: And there are exceptions to the derived classes theory... Some just become friend classes of the base and try to access/follow them. .... . Never succeed. .. Sorry Atul

‎‎KJ: is "I" itself the interface we are searching for?

‎‎CM: Ofcourse ofcourse my child. ..... Interfaces are the gurus out there . .. we all try to mimic....  we just implement them and we can have so many gurus....

‎‎KJ: Art of living in .NET

‎‎KJ: so is this implementation our ego

‎‎CM: Art of "Scope of - Life object"

‎‎KJ: but IInterface is pure

‎‎KJ: but i did not choose to implement

or did I J

or who did this ?

‎‎‎‎AG: moral of the storie ::  chandu jayaraman pagal ho gayein

‎‎KJ: bugger

‎‎CM: Saala... Chuppp..................

‎‎KJ: so we are all same at some level

IInterface itself does not have content

‎‎CM: Ofcourse.. ofcourse... we are all instances running ... waiting for being garbage collected 

‎‎KJ: it just exists ..haha J

what is after garbage collection?

where do we go

‎‎CM: HHhhmmm...................... interesting qn .... . I better pick up a .net book and read J

‎‎KJ: we can have weak references....for souls who dont want to leave the heap

or can be resurrected

‎‎CM: Weak references? Tht;s Vinayak's style.

Always hv Strong bonded references ..  Stick to One strong Girl reference and she will make sure you are not garbaged

‎‎KJ: sorry just forgot....An object referenced only by weak references is considered /wiki/Unreachable_memory (or "weakly reachable") and so may be collected at any time.

‎‎KJ: so those who want to meet the source have weak ref

‎‎KJ: so vinayak is good candidate

‎‎CM: Yah... So vinayak is in risk. .don't implement his interface 

‎‎KJ: if someone has something todo before dead....they can implement FInalize

so they can survive the first pass of GC

‎‎CM: Hhhhmmm.               

‎‎CM: But hving a reference and being in active participation in the system (read life)  makes sure u r never garbage collected

KJ‎‎: true that maan true that

AG‎: *kool

okei leave dat

u guyz continue

hehhe J

‎‎CM: Okay guys... I think we should stop... Else IAtul interface's function ("moralOfStory") would come true

AG: nooooooooooo

plzzzzz dont stopp

‎‎AG‎: jayraman

‎‎CM: Bugger. ..Bye bye

‎‎AG: bye bye


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