Raghu down too... :)


So Raghu too got married... 2 Down.. 4 more to go :).. 3 are vying to be THE NEXT ONE. Let's see who among us is the next :)

First of all, "Congrats Raghu and Hema"... Wish you a very very. . very. .. .. very ..... very happy married life....

So, 22nd and 23rd were the D days... It started off with we planning to goto BigBazaar for getting gift coupons and that came a dumb idea. BigBazaar coupons can be used only for food items etc & not electronic/mobile etc.. . So we/I had to goto Shopper's stop and buy gift vouchers from there.

The function started with Varapooja. It was scheduled from 3 to 4:30 but I went there at exactly 4:30. Glad that I was able to make it and view the last part of the function. Rohit was already there and CS joined us in some time. We did go out for a walk .. then went to Rohit's room. Did some grooming for Raghu's coat (CS came up with the best rose that fits :)). Pramoda arrived soon after - we together had some nice tiffin :)

The function went on well. I had to leave in between to get my mother. I couldn't buy a separate gift, so asked my mother to get Silver deepa (lights). Many more BITians had arrived by that time: Vivek & wife, Rahul, Chandan, Anand, Balaji & Arjun Urs. Bhanu's parents too joined. Add to go twice to wish Raghu - once with my mother and then again with my friends. Had nice food. too.

Dropped my mother in Magadi road and came back to Chatram. Since all the rooms were booked, I went home after having a nice chat with the bride.


23rd the 'Muhurtha' was scheduled from 9:30 to 10:30, but I got up late and was only able to arrive at around 10:20. In time for the thali ceremony. Rohit, Pramoda and Rahul were there. We first went and had nice lunch. Then came back and wished Raghu. :)


So that was how I spent time in Raghu's marriage :)..

Once again, All the best Raghu.. Don't forget us :D


  1. Didn't this post will become so popular... I think I have to tag my posts with Raghu from now on :D :)


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