Blood Donation

Well.. For the first time in the history of mankind.. Chandra Mohan B.S donated blood !!!

Well, I was always scared of Syringes and the needles... avoided doctors when I had fever right from childhood. .. So never dared to go myself to some blood camp and offer myself to be pricked by those needles. ... When Uday called me to accompany him when we were just going out for snacks... hhmm... my first reaction..let's finish the snacks and then you carry on... But later some golden lightning struck me... The RedCross poster read "Donate Blood.. Save Life"... So off I went and filled the form with full enthu.. . Was okayish when they checked the blood pressure. But as soon as I sat .. oops slept on the bed.. . got a tingy feeling which I can't describe. The attender or male nurse or whatever we can call him .. asked me "FIRST TIME"??? Then smiled and asked me to relax... Syringes never pains but it gives a stomach churning experience as the time passes and filling up of the 200 or 250 ml takes it's own sweet time... Finally went through and as he removed the needle, gave a sigh of relief and escaped quietly from there :-)

Blood donation was organized by India Red Cross Society.


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