PH Marriage - Cochin Trip

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We went to PH/Srijit marriage on 6th December via the kochivelli express. Train was at 5:15 and I just about managed to reach the platform at 5:10. Pad and his wife Shalini and Shreekanth were already there. John Loney just missed the train. Infact, that is a good story to write about. So as the train was about to leave, he entered the railway station. He just mentioned us to pull the chain if the train starts !!! ... We were all thinking he was joking but pad said.. nope he is serious and then he went and YES, pulled the chain in the next seat to make it to halt  !!! Some policemen came to check and seeing none they just left. Still there were no signs of Loney and the train started moving. by mistake he had gotten into wrong platform and was not able to come to the correct platform :(..  So he had to take a  bus to reach Cochin.

We reached Ernakulam Junction at around 5:00 AM (Ernakulam South). There is a Ernakulam North station (now called as Ernakulam Town) though this train doesn't stop there. We took an auto to Star Paradise and went on to relax. Everyone slept. I didn't get sleep.. Took some sunrise snaps and watched TV for some time. Then headed for a walk on the hotel terrace, around the hotel and then to nearby streets. We had breakfast there and finally managed to goto John Loney's house (Providence road, near the end of MG Road). From there to PH's marriage place took another hour.

By the time we reached the marriage hall, the function had started. We were there to witness tying the thalli ... and then headed for lunch before coming back to give PH the Marriage gift. Pad and shalini headed for Munnar from there. We headed to John's house. From there, we went to Marine Drive... A drive of around 3 kms over the backwaters in Cochin. We went for a walk and then Shreex and John left as they had an earlier train. I went for Boating and took some lovely snaps of the sunset.

Back Journey was less eventful. Boarded the Bangalore Express 30 minutes prior to depart schedule. Train started at 8:35. Read Nancy Drew and slept around 9:40. Got up at 7:30 the next day and headed home feeling great about a short but sweet trip !