Vanita's Wedding and Gadag-Lakhundi Temple visits

So I started my journey from Hyderabad in the KSRTC rajahamsa at around 8:45 PM. My neighbor in the bus was a person named Shivkumar who was from GajendraGad. He's a doctor and very boastful one in that :) and morever a non-stop chatterer. My neck and cheeks got tired by turning to him now and then, and smiling :)

So reached Gadag and went to GR (Gadag Restaurant - Geethanjali Restaurant) and got ready. Shripad and his wife Shalini joined me at around 8:45. I allowed them to get ready and went out for a walk. Took some snaps of the Railway Station and some streets around and then returned to have breakfast. After breakfast, we 3 went to Trikooteshwar temple - very beautiful. The ancient Indian temples are always so marvelous. The temple has 3 lingas right next to each other. There's Saraswati temple too in the same complex. After that we went to Veera narayana swamy temple (Vishnu). Image(078)

The chatram was adjoining the temple. So we spent some time in the temple, walked around and then waited for the function to start. Since Vanita's father was Assistant to some ministers (as far as I know), there were lot's of politicians around. Went over to the stage to wish Vanita and VP Singh on their marriage. As usual we didn't buy any gift this time too. We had nice food and then Vanita's uncle suggested we goto Lakhundi - an ancient center nearby. We went there and hired an auto to go around. It's one of those old - undeveloped villages but then temples there were again awesome. We visited around 4 temples and each one was better than the other. Then we came back to Gadag and freshened up. Pad and Shalini had their bus from Gadag but I had booked mine from Hubli.

So went to Hubli in the local bus (that too standing - I wasn't used to kerchief reservation). Was tired, so went to Kamat restaurant and had nice meals. Then went around the bus stand area and finally got in the bus to Bangalore. I think I was awake for a few mins in the bus and got up only after the bus reached Bangalore bus stand :)