Vanita's Engagement

Vanita's Engagement

Vanita with Vishwanath Pratap Singh on their Engagement - 28th OCT 2007. One noticeable thing in the Rajput engagement ceremony was that the bride was relatively free for most part of the ceremony happily chatting with we - her friends.

Eagerly looking forward to watching the Rajput marriage ceremony for the first time on 21st Nov 2007 @ Gadag.

Friends/MT minds met: Vanita (ofcourse she was present :)), PH, John Loney, ShreeX, Shripad and his wife (Shalini), Seetha's mom, Pakya, Vikas, Reshmi, Sudha-san, Archana and Anand, Shivu and his wife, Venu and his wife and finally Shobanadri Vezhu (my ex-manager) for the first time.


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