Bye Bye Sweet Hyd...

[Modified as I found out that lot of my colleagues check my blog too :(]

So, after all the travel to-fro between Bangalore & Hyderabad... finally decided it's time to move back to Bangalore. Started the process by forwarding CV to friend's ...  G, Y, A were 3 companies I initially had as targets. G said they don't hv openings for my profile and didn't even offer an interview. Sigh!!! Surprising .. anyway. .... Y and A. .I had telephonic interviews. ..Data-Structures and puzzles round where I thought I did good enough but never got the call back. Cleared a startup company's interview - IS - but being a 5 member team currently, didn't want to take the risk of joining there. Then there were lots of companies which gave calls but once I told them my expected salary, they silently vanished :(

Then Intuit happened. After 8 rounds of interviews. Yep.. 1 telephonic initially.. 3 when I was in Bangalore. ... 2 from US (telephonic).. after that I told them I wasn't interested in the team they were recruiting for.. so another team and another 2 rounds. So finally got selected .. . Financial domain ... but working in C++ and maybe parts in .Net. Sounds good to me. Pay is good. So all set to join. DEC 14th is supposed to be my last day here.  Waiting for that day eagerly.

Looking back..... Hyderabad has taught me more things personally. Though being in US for few months was my initial foray into staying away from family. .. US was all planned.. Had hotel accommodations. .knew colleagues who were traveling with me... Here.. I was all alone... Stayed alone in a rented house.. . Weekends were terrible sometimes.... Until I got to know the M$ Timepass gang (Ganayak, Uday, Ganapura, Jaggi, Bheemu, Ajeet, Abhi & Atul )... After that, it has been an eluva (hell of a) time here.. .. Hv had some great moments... and most importantly made some "friends for life" :).. Staying with friend's family made all the home-away feeling vanish.... So it's going to be tough leaving them all... But then Bangalore is beckoning me to come back and that too fast !!!


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