Visiting Dandeli?

I had been there couple of years back in Feb timeframe.

Jungle lodges provides good facilities (though it sounds costlier) .. Check their site @


- They provide ample adventure things...

- Wildlife safari..

- Cave exploration...

- And Rafting.  Kali river rafting is good {compared to the one near Mysore/Bangalore}. 


- Coracle ride is a joke really..

- U don’t get the feel of going into a wildlife sanctuary until u take the safari (3-4 hours trip)

- U usually don’t sight animals during safari in the Summer... I heard just after the rainy season is the best period to visit. {sept to nov}.. Not sure abt Jan.

- There is a very good waterfall and view of the kali river from hydro electric plant there. But this requires permission from the electric department which usually takes about a month or more and regular touch with them abt the status. – THIS is not done by the Jungle lodges people.