Magadheera - Telugu movie review


Captivating story line with good acting and impressive visuals.

Different movie compared to the run of the mill love stories currently - This has Ramcharan and Kajal playing lovers in 2 different eras. When I heard initially that it would be a rebirth story, I felt nostalgic about how it would shape up but seeing the movie made me completely reverse my opinions.

The story starts impressively with Ramcharan (as Kaala Bhairava) and Kajal the princess talking in their dying moments. They are reborn as Harsha and Indhu. Read many comments that the next 30 mins to 1 hour in the new world is boring, but the pair's bubbliness makes that enjoyable too. I would have loved Chiranjeevi to have done something different though. I always enjoyed the spontaneousness and effortless dance of Chiranjeevi and hence seeing Ramcharan dance was little bit anticlimax. The steps were great and he is a fabulous dancer, but you get a feeling that he is trying too hard to get the tough steps correctly which shouldn't be how dances are picturised :). The villain does great job of his part and deserves the brickbats he receives :). Rebirth - Special effects on Ramcharan touching Kajal's fingers can be termed as cinematic liberty though some of the sequences like jumping off the rooftop to reach helicopter and the final sumo bouncing to reach the helicopter are definitely aberrations that could have been avoided.

Two scenes that highlight the entire movie are with Ramcharan as the warrior getting saved by his horse and the other one where he fights 100 Sher khan's soldier's single-handedly (reminiscent of the movie 300 with narrow passage and the fights that take place). Sheer brilliance !!!

There seems to be various inspirations for the movie - Warrior safeguarding the princess as in The Myth, Fort resembling the one in Arundathi, Battle scenes as in 300 etc

The movies visuals is great compared to their lousy official site: Music is good. Songs gel with the movie and hence are better viewed than listened, atleast for the first few times. Overall a great movie that is thoroughly enjoyable even for viewing multiple times. And by the way, you can view it even if you don't understand Telugu and still be able to grasp the movie fully so do give it a try :)


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