Birthday - Nandi temple and California Ramanashree resort

Planned to goto Nandi temple in Nandi (chikkaballapur) and ranganatha temple in chikkaballapur in the morning at around 9 AM. I got around 8:45 :) and got ready immediately but Pallavi and my daughter Sireesha got ready by only 11:30 :(. So dropped the plan of chikkaballapur and went to only Nandi.
First we went to Kanave basavana temple which is around 3 kms from the Nandi temple. Then happened to visit the Saibaba temple and vrudhashrama – Ashram for old people who do not have anyone to take care of them. After giving them a donation – they insisted us to have lunch there. We went to Nandi after having lunch there. A great temple – the gods there seem to be so real. Uma maheswara temple, Bhoga nandi temple, parvathi temple inside that are all beautiful. There was also a tulu film shooting happening and the music was good. The same 10 seconds music was being played and there were atleast 4 trials before we left the place.

Evening, we decided to go to California Ramanashree resort in Yelahanka with my in-laws. It has swimming pools, badminton court etc. but we were content to just have our dinner and come back. The restaurant Dhaba is designed as a roadside dhaba :). Food was okay considering such a high cost. Decent place to visit once or twice since it has a nice ambience and the staff are very courteous.
Following day had been to Inchara in J.P.Nagar – one great place to have a really tasty dinner, with my family.

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  1. Is this California Resort just next to some apartments? I remember having gone there while in siemens..If it is the same it does not look like a resort...(:..But there was a tennis court , badmiton courts not bad...