Free/Readily Available Food ?


Being a junkie (junk food eater/filler)... I always liked to (and still do) eat lots of junk foods... Evening snacks (bajji's... samosas.. chats like masala puri) are still a must everyday.

Chips.. Cool drinks in Oracle. ... Good Day biscuits in MT.. Cool drinks & evening snacks in Microsoft were all great to start off with.. . infact we had our own algo (timings) to make sure we would get Good Day biscuits in the evening in MT... Days pass on and definitely the craze dies now... Everytime I see the biscuits dumped in a box in my new office & no one caring to take one or two pieces, I wonder about those days.

Snacks which I used to adore once are now in coffee day but hv almost stopped eating them.. Is it that I hv become old and enjoy healthy home food? Not sure.. but have observed it in many colleagues too...  So I do still wonder why is it that food which is free and readily available looses out it's charms quite fast....