Getting Old - New companions?


School friends...  College friends... engineering classmates are always fun to be with... all are of your age and you invariably think on the same lines.. .grow up together.. learn from each other proactively and more importantly enjoy life as it is...

Days go on and once u r out all alone in the big bad world! (copied 'line' from many movies), things do change.. . I was lucky in an aspect that in both Oracle and MindTree, I started off with a bunch of "Freshers" and created a great bond. Microsoft and Intuit has been different in many aspects that most of my colleagues were either atleast 2 yrs behind my experience or +4 yrs of mine. Microsoft was fun in that most friends were junior and were just trying to get a foothold into the software industry.. working hard to learn something but at the same time they were with all the "collegian" attitude... hanging out.. commenting on girls. .. playing games.. etc.. Intuit is the other way round.. Most being more experienced. .. general lunch talks revolve over the active political scenario. .. shares. .. economics. .. and sometimes sports (and here too tennis, golf, f1s etc are more prominent than cricket).. Not that I hv changed and participate in those talks.. but being a active listener, thought can share my thoughts :)..

Changing times definitely & I better change with it :)